Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

October 11th to October 16th 2004

MONDAY October 11
Trying to see the future comment

oct4 Trying to see the future is a bit like trying to follow a football match from outside the ground. You can't always be sure what the roar of the crowd is telling you. Sometimes, you can get a glimpse of the game, by jumping up high and peeking over the wall. But you may still set what you see in the wrong context. Goals, for example, can be disallowed. Conflicts that look hopeless one moment can be resolved the next. Learning not just how to get the information, but how to read it properly, is a life-long challenge.

TUESDAY October 12
The theatre of the future comment

oct4 You have never, I'm sure, peeked through a keyhole or snatched a furtive glance at something you were not supposed to see. But if, dear reader, you were ever to have such an experience, you would know what it is like to interrogate tomorrow. At the theatre of the future, all views are severely restricted. There are no front row seats and every glimpse is brief. Sometimes you can see a clear panorama in that swift blink of an eye. Sometimes though, the picture you receive can be deeply deceptive. I shall explain more tomorrow, about why this happens.

WEDNESDAY October 13
The future comment

oct4 Some people think the future doesn't really want to be seen. Others feel sure it is happy to show itself but that we don't really want to see it. We are only interested in our idea about how things ought to turn out, not in how they are actually going to unfold. Then there's the age old debate about whether the future is fixed. Some say it is 'already written' and is just as unalterable as the past. Others say it is fluid. By our actions, our expectations, even by our predictions, we can influence and alter tomorrow.

THURSDAY October 14
See the future comment

oct4 When I want to see what the future holds, I draw up a map of the sky. Other ancient techniques involve cards, runes, texts, palms, bowls of water, crystal balls and even animal entrails. Modern methods include trend analysis, market research and, as we read recently in the paper, rump reading! They all, though, beg the same big question. Can we change the future by the sheer strength of our effort and our will? If so, all prophecies are only indications of probablity. The very act of making them can increase (or reduce) the likelihood of their ever coming true.

FRIDAY October 15
Dial a number for your forecast email

oct4 Dear Jonathan,
At the end of my forecast, you invite me to dial a number. Why, if you have something to say, can't you just put it on this page?

Dear Ursula,
I never hold back information from a written forecast. It's just that in a few minutes on the phone, I can explain far more. When you dial you can choose from a compatibility reading, a long range forecast based on your birth chart or an in-depth guide to the week for your sign. The latest long-range forecasts last till mid November. The week-aheads are fresh today.

SATURDAY October 16
No thought for the Day


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