Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

October 18th to October 23rd 2004

MONDAY October 18
New Moon comment

A New Moon implies fresh energy; change and renewal. When it coincides with an eclipse, it implies a real chance to set off in a different direction. With this in mind, I took advantage of last week's cosmic climate and started moving things around at home. While sorting out the living room, I took my old double bass out of storage and began to play, for the first time in a long time. Then I noticed three-year-old Tia, watching me in amazement. 'Er... Daddy,' she asked accusingly, 'Did you snatch that violin from a giant?'

TUESDAY October 19
Flashes of the future email

Hi Jonathan,
When I was younger, I sometimes got flashes of the future. Nothing useful, just glimpses. I might see myself sitting in a certain place, watching a particular situation... or person. Often I wouldn't realise these flashes had taken place until the event took place. Sometimes though, there were sequences where I was able to know, when they actually occurred, exactly what was going to happen next. How do my experiences fit the theory that we are shaping the future when we are 'predicting' it?

Dear Robert,
Er... I think I need to think about this one.

WEDNESDAY October 20
Karma, fate, destiny and astrology email

Hi Jonathan!
Could you explain the difference between karma, fate, destiny and astrology?

Dear Lori,
Crikey! Yesterday, I tried to dodge Robert's difficult question. After seeing yours though... I think I'll take my chances with his! Robert's experiences cast doubt on the idea that we actually shape our future when we make predictions about it. They seem, instead, to support the notion that clairvoyant moments reveal immutable 'dates with fate'. But have our lives really been predestined in every detail? Most astrologers would say the right answer is 'Yes and no.' I'll explain why tomorrow.

THURSDAY October 21
Moments of profound recognition comment

They say 'nothing is certain but death and taxes'. Why then, do we sometimes have moments of profound precognition? Are there, perhaps, other certainties to be discovered? Astrologers are sure that there are. We think of the future as a house. People can change the furniture and alter the decor as we please. Windows, doors, even load-bearing walls can also be knocked down and rebuilt. But that takes much more determination. Most people are a little lazy. More often than not, they will find it easier just to develop in accordance with the architect's original plan.

FRIDAY October 22
What's happening in the sky email

Dear Jonathan,
What's happening in the sky? Half the people I know are going through tough times, the other half just seem to be going crazy!

Dear Clare,
The planets are due to form a further, historic pentagram pattern next week. A third occurs in November. These events are stirring up much tension, anxiety and drama. As I explain, though, in this week's in-depth phone forecast, these alignments are gifts, not punishments. We may not always like what they are putting us through but they are helping us to wake up and change our world for the better.

SATURDAY October 23
No thought for the Day


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