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October 25th to October 30th 2004

MONDAY October 25
Horoscope National Leader comment

A horoscope, rather like an X-ray, can reveal what's really happening in a person's heart and mind. Often, it will show us that the heart and mind are not in harmony. There might, for example, be a national leader who wishes he had listened to the millions who marched against the invasion of another land. His birth chart could reveal a wrestling match between his intellect (which refuses to concede a mistake) and his heart (which feels very regretful). This horoscope could suggest that the more entrenched his mind becomes, the more troubled his heart is likely to grow.

TUESDAY October 26
Full Moon Eclipse comment

The Moon will be officially full around 4am on Thursday morning... when it is due to be dramatically eclipsed by the shadow of the earth. If, like me, you intend to stay up tomorrow to watch this amazing event, you may appreciate the advance notice so that you can schedule in a little extra sleep tonight. You may also like to know that later on Thursday, the Moon will form part of a rare planetary pentagram pattern; the second in this year's set of three. Not only is the sky looking stunning, it is full of highly auspicious omens.

WEDNESDAY October 27
Eclipse Johnny Mirehiel comment

There's due to be a glorious eclipse around 4am tomorrow (UK time).
The eclipse is well-placed for North and South America, Canada, western Europe and Africa. From the United States, the eastern two-thirds of the country can see the entire eclipse, weather permitting, at 23.04 EDT tonight. To see if it is visible from where you are, take a look here:
If the weather forecast is bad, don't give up hope. I have often seen depressingly dense coverage disappear at the precise moment of an eclipse. Even if the veil remains, it may not be too strong. In which case it may act like a special effects filter, causing the sky to seem even more stunning.
Johnny Mirehiel imageI discussed all this, recently, with Johnny Mirehiel, a senior American astrologer who has lately been touring the world. He was in Britain briefly, on his way from a lecture hall in Spain to a gathering in Florida where more than 2,000 people will be watching the eclipse tonight.
His hectic schedule mirrors that of the Moon. Just hours after completing this powerful public appearance, the Moon will take up her place at the head of a secret 'star chamber'.The contrast between these two engagements is striking. The first is obvious to anyone with eyes to look. It is clearly an announcement of some kind. The second, the formation of the planetary pentagram, though, will be apparent only to those who know how to calculate a chart of the heavens. It looks far more like a private conference. The other delegates are famous, slow moving 'outer planets;' from bright, giant Jupiter to tiny, distant Pluto. They are all traditional symbols of 'generational change'.
Babies born today and tomorrow have the potential to be key movers and shakers in that new generation. People whose birthdays fall in the next two days can also soon expect to play some part in ushering in that new age. And it's now quite clear that a new age really is about to begin.
This explains why 'new-agers' all over the world are now so excited. Johnny, on their behalf, is inviting us all to join them in a gesture for peace. If you stay up late (or get up early) to watch the eclipse, he hopes you'll take a moment to pray for a future where there's more unity and wisdom, less pollution and aggression.
Will you be able to see the eclipse?

THURSDAY October 28
Eclipse 'Grand Quintile' and 'Harmonic Concordance' comment

A few hours ago, a bright white Moon turned slowly crimson. For clairvoyants, such events are a gift. If it is possible to see a vision in a crystal ball, imagine how much more you can see when gazing at such a miracle of nature. Astrologers too, saw plenty in the eclipse, but for us, the meaning was revealed more through maths than mysticism. When we cast charts to see how the Moon and Sun tied in with the rest of the sky, we were struck by the fact that soon after, the Moon would become part of a five-pointed star formation with Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Jill Whitman of Toronto was the first to spot this. She called it a 'Grand Quintile' alignment because it is made of 'quintile angles' which slice the pie of the sky into fifths. American astrologer, Johnny Mirehiel prefers to call it a 'Harmonic Concordance'. He sees the sky more as a musical instrument, capable of playing chords. While some astrological angles create intervals of a third or a fourth. This one makes a series of dramatic, perfect fifths. He suspects that this is a piece of cosmic theme music which heralds the world's imminent return to a Matriarchy. When more people start to see the divine creator as a female, rather than a male, he argues, we will all become less warlike in our ways. Other astrologers aren't sure the solution is so simple, but they too, see signs of an increase in female power soon. Several have noticed that the American election, in 2008, will fall half way between this year's rare transit of Venus and the one which coincides with the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. They feel sure it means the next but one president of the USA MUST be female... and will probably be Hillary Clinton. Working backwards from there, they suspect Bush will narrowly beat Kerry next week. That scenario would certainly tie in with the doomy side of last night's eclipse. Such events are traditionally seen as heralds of bad news and they feel it is hard to imagine what could be worse for the world than another four years of maniacal warmongering. Others are more optimistic. Alignments, they point out, never tell us what is inevitable. They tell us what's likely to happen if we don't try to change things. They see today's Grand Quintile as a rallying call from the cosmos. All we have to do is heed it. They insist that if we all take a moment, today, to wish for a future in which there's more caring, consciousness and understanding, and less aggression, bigotry and blame-mongering - our prayer may yet be heard.

FRIDAY October 29
Planetary Pentagram Pattern comment

Does the ruined city of Fatehpur Sikri in Northern India hold a clue to the meaning of yesterday's planetary pentagram pattern?
Some people are worried because the last time we saw five planets form a perfect pentagram was in 1941, just before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. They suspect we have just seen a terrible omen.
That concern is echoed in the research of several astrologers who have recently been trying to learn more about 'Quintiles'. We know Einstein had some in his chart, as did Hitler. Quintiles would appear to indicate gifts that can be used for good or ill. Beyond that though, we aren't sure. They, are not part of astrological tradition. Or at least, not as far as we know. Throughout history many ancient libraries have been tragically destroyed. Though modern practictioners try to be true to their predecessors' principles, we have only fragments of the old lost knowledge to work with.
Our first written reference to '72 degree angles' comes from Johan Kepler, who lived about 400 years ago. In a subject as old as astrology, that's just the day before yesterday.
Kepler though, was a deeply knowledgeable practicising mystic who also solved several scientific mysteries including the one about the shape of planetary orbits. Everyone assumed they were circular till Kepler insisted they were egg shaped. He turned out to be right.
Kepler was equally sure that astrologers should take notice when planets formed angles of 72 degrees. 'Quintiles', he said, meant 'big change that comes easily.' Some people think Kepler knew this because he had access to ancient texts. Others reckon he worked it out while exploring sacred geometry. There is though a third possiblity. He had been born premature in December 1571. In tracing back the chart of his conception he would have come across something amazing on May 29 of that year. A rare alignment almost identical to the one we saw in the sky, just yesterday afternoon.
1571 was also the year when a powerful Mughal emperor called Akbar set out to fulfil a revolutionary vision. He wanted to create a place where people of all faiths could co-exist in peace and prosperity.
Sadly, the city of Fatehpur Sikri in Northern India lasted less than a couple of decades. Akbar's vision was ahead of its time. But the return of the Grand Quintile that inspired him so much could indicate that despite the current tension in the world, the time has come for us all to pursue such a dream once more.

SATURDAY October 30
No thought for the Day


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