Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

September 1st to September 4th 2004

WEDNESDAY September 1
Can't relate to forecasts email

Hi Jonathan,
Years ago every word you wrote seemed uncannily appropriate. I felt sure your forecasts were just for me. Yet now, I cannot relate. Why have you changed?

Dear Simon,
It may not be I who has changed but you! One of the planets in your chart is currently under a strong, long-lasting influence. This is creating great expectations. You know what you are looking for, and feel so sure about where it should be that you can't hear any other suggestions. Once this phase passes, in a few months, you may start liking your predictions again.

THURSDAY September 2
Pluto email

Dear Jonathan,
I have heard a lot, lately, about Mercury's change of direction But hasn't Pluto also been going backwards? What does this affect?

Dear Kathy,
Pluto has been reversing through the zodiac since late March. It is turning 'direct' about now. Pluto governs dark obsessions; in particular, those that allow us to acquire 'dangerous power' with nasty yet often invisible side effects. When Pluto is retrograde, it is easier for us to notice what we are really getting up to. When it is direct, we all tend to be too busy getting up to it!

FRIDAY September 3
Jupiter and Pluto comment

Jupiter and Pluto are now exactly 90 degrees apart. When there's a right angle between two planets, people tend to see things from the wrong angle. Angles of 135 degrees have similar meaning because they are made up of a 'right angle and a half'. Saturn and Uranus are now 135 degrees apart. This double-dose of celestial tension is sure to make the next few days eventful for many of us. There's less stress in the air than there was last week... but it still may seem as if there is a storm brewing..
SATURDAY September 4
No thought for the Day


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