Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

September 6th to September 11th 2004

MONDAY September 6
September 11 2001 comment

Once again, we enter a sobering September. Were recent events 'written in the stars'? No more (and no less) than the events of September 11, 2001. The ancients predicted that these years would be the darkest in earth's history. Yet for all the horrific heartlessness that surrounds us, we still have choices. We can choose to value compromise above conflict. We can strive for compassion instead of revenge. We can recognise how only love will ever conquer hate. And, despite this terrible test of faith, I predict the majority of us WILL yet choose to tread the higher path..
TUESDAY September 7
Russian atrocity comment

I asked my children if they were aware of what happened in Russia last week. They said "Yes Dad... but we prefer not to think about it." We all agreed that thinking about it won't make anything better. But then again, we can't just NOT think about it. That's being cold and insensitive - which, in a strange way, just contributes to the climate of callousness. The planets are now challenging us to consider why such atrocities occur. Despite all that seems so bleak, a brighter future awaits. It involves a world where 'awareness' is valued more than 'righteousness'.
WEDNESDAY September 8
Taurean attempting to give up smoking email

Dear Jonathan,
I am a Taurean, attempting to give up smoking... again! Any suggestions?
Regards, Wendy

Dear Wendy,
Yes. Wait. Try giving up on or around November 6, when your ruler next forms a harmonious link to Saturn. Only Geminis and Virgos are particularly well placed to drop a big bad habit right at the moment. Different people get their best opportunity at different times from one year to the next... depending where the planets are. Only rarely, if ever, does New Year's Day turn out to be especially helpful for anyone.
PS: Nicotine gum worked well for me!

THURSDAY September 9
Messages from other planets email

Dear Jonathan,
Some scientists now seriously think we are getting messages from beings on other planets. What do you predict will come of this?

Dear Joanne,
I sincerely hope there is intelligent life in space... because there doesn't seem to be much down here. That must be why we only ever get fleeting glimpses of UFOs. If you were visiting a world full of primitive, aggressive creatures, you'd want to stay safely in your car too. You certainly wouldn't park up, approach a local and say 'Take me to your leader...' I mean.... just LOOK at our leaders!

FRIDAY September 10
Mercury changing direction in Gemini email

Dear Jonathan,
Apparently with Mercury changing direction, we Geminis should be feeling as if the world is our oyster. I, though, feel as if I have a HUGE mountain ahead and yet I have no motivation to tackle it. Will things improve?
Best wishes, Astrid

Dear Everyone,
I know it isn't fair to keep using this space to answer questions from Geminis, but Geminis seemingly love to ask questions... so they tend to send me more letters!

Dear Astrid,
Mountains can turn, surprisingly swiftly, into molehills depending on our perspective. Yours is about to change, dramatically, for the better.

SATURDAY September 11
No thought for the Day


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