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September 13th to September 18th 2004

MONDAY September 13
Sagittarians and Virgos email

Dear Jonathan,
I have heard that Sagittarians and Virgos are incompatible. But I am in pursuit of a Sagittarian! Are Earth and Fire a poor mix? And what about the "dreaded 4-10 pattern" between our signs?
Kind regards, Sarah

Dear Sarah,
When earth changes fire, we get ovens, while when fire changes earth, we get pottery. That's constructive. And as for the '4-10 pattern', it's irrelevant! Get your full charts drawn up. To dismiss any relationship on the basis of sun signs alone is as silly as to say an Australian ought never to marry an American.

TUESDAY September 14
Johnny Mirehiel, Harmonic Concordance email

Hi Jonathan,
I'm Johnny Mirehiel, the American astrologer who instigated the worldwide Harmonic Concordance observation last November. I believe you were aware of it. This October brings two 'grand quintile' patterns... plus a lunar eclipse which we are calling 'Harmonic Concordance II'. It represents another moment of deep spiritual significance when the consciousness of the whole planet can be raised. Please spread the word.
In Gratitude, Johnny

Dear Everyone,
There was more to Johnny's letter... but that was the essence. He HAS spotted some exceptional alignments. I'll explain more soon and I'll try to set up an interview him.

WEDNESDAY September 15
Jupiter in Libra, Saturn email

Dear Jonathan,
As a Libran, I have been looking forward to Jupiter's arrival in my sign. Now, though, I hear some astrologers say Saturn will hold Jupiter's influence back.
Regards, Nonie

Dear Nonie,
On Saturday September 25, Jupiter returns to Libra for the first time since 1993. Fourteen-month long effects like this can take a while to make their presence felt, so perhaps it is good to temper your initial expectations. But the worst Saturn can do is delay the arrival of a positive development. It's like worrying because, when your ship comes in, the mooring rights will be expensive!

THURSDAY September 16
Tony Blair comment

Back in January, I predicted that, this year, Tony Blair would face a prolonged phase of physical and emotional stress. I also foresaw a sharp drop in his popularity with the public. I even told Richard and Judy, on their show, that he would surely step down. Our Prime Minister has managed to withstand a whirlwind of pressure from the planets this summer. It's a tribute to Taurean tenacity. But I still don't give him more than another twelve months in the job. In Britain, a change of leader is imminent and inevitable. In the USA though, it's not.
FRIDAY September 17
John Kerry US election email

Dear Jonathan,
I am an American supporter of John Kerry. Your comments, yesterday, about the outcome of the US election, were devastating. They have taken away all my hope.

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for helping to prove an important point. People only want predictions that match their expectations. Otherwise they'd really rather not be told. And some prophecies are 'self fulfilling'. If, for example, enough astrologers insist that Bush will win, they could make Kerry's supporters think there's no point in trying. For the record, I said a change was 'not inevitable'. I didn't say it wasn't possible.

SATURDAY September 18
No thought for the Day


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