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April 4th to April 9th 2005

MONDAY April 4
Astrology and the French National Soccer Team

Raymond Domenech became the new French national soccer coach last year. Don't fall asleep. This is interesting. Apparently, back in the days when he was making his reputation, Domenech would always take the players' star signs into account. He would not, for example, put two Scorpios in the same team and felt Leos made better attackers than defenders. Once he got the top job though, he felt obliged to stop using astrology. Ever since, France have been doing very badly.

Charles and Camilla - small postponement

Charles married Diana on July 29, 1981. A solar eclipse took place soon after. Another solar eclipse took place within hours of Diana's death. When I heard that Charles and Camilla were also planning to marry under an eclipse, I was horrified. This small postponement, though, should make all the difference. By Saturday, the inauspicious event will be over. These two don't know how blessed they have been!

Charles and Camilla - Part 2

For thousands of years, court astrologers have helped royal families to time ceremonies wisely. It is clear though, that no such advisor is helping Prince Charles. In moving his wedding to Saturday, he has narrowly avoided the kind of solar eclipse that cast such a shadow on his previous marriage. But now, he and Camilla must exchange vows under a 'Void Of Course Moon'. The last royal wedding held under such an influence was between Andrew and Fergie!

Astrology and the French National Soccer Team - Part 2

No wonder there's respect for astrology in the world of French football. France hosted the world cup back in 1998. Shortly afterwards, a Dutch researcher called J. Verhulst analysed the birth data of all 704 players. He discovered that an amazingly large number of those footballers had been born with their Sun and Moon in adjacent signs. The effect was way beyond chance. It was what scientists call 'significant' to a value of p=0.00001!

FRIDAY April 8
Solar Eclipse and Void of Course Moon comment

Pope John Paul II came into the world under the solar eclipse of May 18, 1920. Today, as his funeral takes place, the Sun is due to be eclipsed once more. A solar eclipse is much more appropriate for a funeral than a wedding. In moving his marriage to Saturday, Prince Charles has inadvertently made a wise choice.

It is still though, not a 'great choice'. The wedding will now take place under a 'void of course moon'. Traditionally, when decisions are made or ceremonies are held under such an influence, they tend to have unexpected outcomes. Horse races and sporting events can also have odd outcomes when held under a void of course Moon. Tomorrow, for example, one of Britain's biggest race meetings, the Grand National, is due to take place. As part of a kind of 'domino effect' The Pope's funeral has caused Charles to postpone his wedding which in turn has caused the main Grand National race to be rescheduled for a little later on Saturday afternoon.

The race though, is still due to occur under a void of course moon. The last time this happened, in 1993 there were a series of farcical false starts and the entire race was declared void. I do not predict that this will happen again... but I still think that those with an interest in racing should be wary. 'Expect the unexpected'!

NB The Moon is considered void of course whenever it is about to leave one sign and move into another. Thus, it can be 'void' once every two to three days. The 'void' phase lasts from the moment it forms its final aspect or angle to a planet till the moment it enters the next sign. This can be anything from a few minutes to a few hours. On Saturday, the Moon's last aspect while in the sign of Aries will be at 6am exactly... when it completes a trine to Pluto. After that it will be 'void of course' till 3.50pm when it enters Taurus. (All times GMT) The Grand National in Britain on Saturday is scheduled to be run at 4.15pm BST... which is 3.15pm GMT.

The Dark of the Moon

The Dark of the Moon is a short, magical phase that begins each month when the Moon has waned away and lasts until the first sliver of new light. It's the best time to plant potatoes and other crops that hide below the ground. It's also a good time to start new ventures and plant the seeds of success. The ancients believed the future was hidden from the present by a 'veil'. During the Dark of the Moon, this veil grew so flimsy that you could see beyond it, if you asked the right question in the right way. We are under the 'Dark of the Moon' for most of this weekend. And today, until 3.50pm GMT, the Moon will also be 'void of course'.


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