Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

April 11th to April 16th 2005

MONDAY April 11
Sun and Moon in Adjacent Signs

Hi Jonathan,
Last week, you wrote about footballers with their sun and moons in adjacent signs. What does it mean for non-footballers? My Sun is in Gemini, my Moon is in Taurus. Should I be strapping on the boots?

According to scientific research, you probably should be. But maybe it just means you are a person who is good at attaining their goals!

TUESDAY April 12
Hitler's astrologer

Dear Jonathan, I have read that Hitler always consulted an astrologer before making a big move. Apparently this worked well for him until around 1943. So how come he lost the war? Regards, Rob Dear Rob, Hitler's astrologer fell out of favour when he started to tell the Furher what he didn't want to hear. By the way, the Allies employed an astrologer too. His job was to alert Churchill to whatever Hitler's astrologer was probably saying!

Michael Jackson's horoscope

Many people have asked me to comment on Michael Jackson's horoscope. There isn't though, much that I can say. Out of respect to the legal process, astrologers have a duty not to make public judgements while a court hearing is taking place. All I can tell you is that his chart reflects the intense ordeal he is going through. It also suggests that controversy will continue to surround him long after the trial, regardless of the outcome.

Michael Jackson email

Dear Jonathan,
Yesterday you said that you could not speak about Michael Jackson's horoscope while his court hearing was taking place. As a member of the State Bar of California, I can inform you that, in the USA, commentary on an ongoing legal or criminal trial is allowed, unlike in the UK. Also, Jackson is a 'public figure' (a legal term with a special meaning, basically, he really can't complain about what's said), so you may, in fact, comment on him and the case. Please shed a little more astro-light here.

Dear Bill,
The law may permit me to voice an opinion but my own ethics still forbid this. I simply must remain silent until he has been found not guilty.

FRIDAY April 15
Indepth Forecasts

Every week, I record an in-depth forecast for each zodiac sign. Before I speak, I take a good look at the planetary picture and review the written forecast that I have already prepared. I then ask myself... "If I was born under this sign... and I was going through a tough time... or I was really trying to make something happen in my life... what would I most need to hear?" I take a moment to 'centre myself'. I wait until I feel clear... and then I experience the strange sensation of listening in amazement to the words coming out of my mouth. People tell me these forecasts are the most impressive and accurate readings I offer. All I know is that I feel 'priviliged' to be able to give them.

Mars / Saturn comment

Is this due to be a good week or a bad week? That's not an easy question to answer. You may, for example, feel 'good' if you go out shopping and find a normally expensive outfit, by your favourite designer, in your size, heavily discounted in the sale. Yet if you've also got a lot of drama happening in your life and that bargain is the only piece of light relief on your horizon... how good are things really? Then there are the weeks which are full of stress yet which are ultimately going to bring change that benefits everyone. Are they bad because of all that tension? Or good because of all that they are helping to 'shift'? Mars, this week, forms an antagoinstic angle to Saturn. That suggests a tricky time. But if you resolve to see the good in the bad, you won't be kidding yourself. You'll just be doing a very wise... and good thing!


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