Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

April 18th to April 23rd 2005

MONDAY April 18
UK election comment

We expect politicians to make boring speeches, dodgy promises and silly, sweeping statements. We also expect them to evade awkward issues and exchange childish insults. We don't though, expect them to scaremonger or go about whipping up ugly prejudice. I predicted, some while ago, that the British general election turnout would be "woefully low". Now I have seen the depths to which all the parties appear to have sunk, I retract that. It will be even worse.

TUESDAY April 19
Academic community and astrology

Dear Jonathan,
My university professor tells me, 'The academic community does not accept astrology because there is no systematic scientific evidence showing that astrology is a successful explanatory framework.' Is this true?

Dear Russ,
Many academics make precisely the same point about psychology. That, though, doesn't make the subject invalid. Science has still to 'officially prove' the existence of God. Or love. Or beauty. So I think we astrologers are in pretty good company.

Popes and astrology comment

Recent Popes have been keen to discourage interest in astrology. In the past though, things were different. Several techniques of horoscope calculation were originally developed by senior Vatican members and secretly, the church remains as fascinated by prophecy now as it was in the 12th century when an Irish Bishop gave a list of all future Popes. He told us we should now expect one known as 'Gloria Olivia'. How amazing is it then, that the new Pope is called Benedict and some Benedictine monks are also called Olivetans? Er.. not very. Joseph Ratzinger is fully aware of the old prediction and may well have chosen the name quite deliberately, with all this in mind, in order to give his papacy an additional air of divine, mystical authority. NB. Pope Benedict is an Aries born April 16 1927. John Paul II was a Taurean born 18 May 1920

World Jump Day

What are you doing on July 20? Could you could spare a few moments to help make history? If so, the organisers of World Jump Day would like to hear from you. They believe that if enough people, all over the planet, jump up and down at the same moment, they will slightly alter the earth's orbit, thus countering the effects of global warming. They need 600 million volunteers. They are currently a little shy of this target. If you'd like to make a difference, visit

FRIDAY April 22
World Jump Day email

Dear Jonathan,
Recently you voiced concern about a rocket changing the orbit of a distant comet. Yesterday though, you helped promote a mass attempt to alter the Earth's orbit. Surely that's far worse.

Dear Emma,
The threat from a handful of scientists, to that comet is very real. The chance that 600 million people will all jump up and down at the same time is extremely remote. And if it actually happens... and works? Well, at least we will all have voted with our feet! end end end

Full Moon

There's a Full Moon this weekend. According to legend, we should now be guarding our homes against vampires and werewolves. At the moment though, they may prove rather difficult to spot. The streets are already crammed with ghoulish figures who normally lurk in the half light. Nor, until May 5 at least, is that likely to change. Full Moons are notorious for fuelling fantasies and aggravating arguments. So too are elections. We all now, risk being drawn into debates that sap our strength and get us nowhere. Over the course of the coming week, though, more reasonable influences begin to prevail. They may not be powerful enough to stop politicians from bickering pointlessly but they will create a climate that allows the rest of us to patch up our differences.


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