Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

April 25th to April 30th 2005

MONDAY April 25
World Jump Day

Oh, all right then, is a spoof. The website I mentioned last week is actually an internet art piece. Six hundred million people, all across the globe, won't really be jumping up and down at precisely the same moment in July in an attempt to alter the Earth's orbit. But it's the thought that counts. One day soon, we may yet find a way to unite with a small but significant gesture that helps make our world a nicer place.

TUESDAY April 26
Leo comment

In last Thursday's Leo forecast, I wanted to stress the importance of objectivity. So I wrote "Why visit a doctor when you feel under the weather? Why not just type your symptoms into an internet search engine?" A reader called Betsy has since written in to say, 'Actually I did just that... and diagnosed my own illness! My doctor later confirmed that I was right.' This, I feel, proves two things. I must be careful about the analogies I choose... and, er... you can't tell Leos ANYTHING!

Poverty email

Dear Jonathan,
I feel deeply upset by all the poverty in this world. Millions suffer, at home and abroad - yet nobody seems to care. Will this ever change?

Dear Cindy,
It will change, not because the politicians are about to develop a conscience, but because ordinary people, all over the planet, are about to respond to some extraordinary astrological influences. There's not much sign of this yet, but within the next ten years, we'll see a distinct difference.

Forecasts relevants in all countries email

Dear Jonathan,
If the planets influence us differently when we are in different lands, are your forecasts only relevant to people in this country?

Dear Chie,
Think of your personality as a diamond. Under different lights, different facets will shine. At different longitudes and latitudes, you may seem more extrovert, powerful or romantic. I have noticed, for example, that I tend to feel slightly more extrovert when I am in America and (oddly for a land where people famously dress as they please) a little more clothes conscious in Australia. There are even some astrologers who specialise in studying this difference and can produce a detailed map for you, showing you exactly where you should travel to bring out a particular flavour in your character. But you will remain the same person in essence no matter where you go and you will still respond in exactly the same way to current cosmic alignments and influences.

FRIDAY April 29
Personalties defined by planets and parents email

Dear Jonathan,
If our personalities are defined by the planets at our moment of birth, what about our parents? Don't they make a difference? And what about genetic and cultural factors?

Dear Clive,
Many factors help to shape our character. That's why, though astrologers can often give an impressive reading on the strength of a horoscope alone, we prefer to find out as much as possible about our clients before we give a definitive interpretation of their birth charts.

May Day / Beltane comment

This weekend, we ought to be upholding a great tradition. These days though, if we think of it at all, we remember the ancient fire festival of Beltane as a time of May Queens, Maypoles and Morris dancers. These though, are just the quaint and quirky remnants of a once raucous, ribald celebration. As flowers bloomed and trees burst into blossom, fires would be lit, crowds would gather and couples would be openly encouraged to consummate courtships. Public gestures of love and lust were considered to be in perfect sympathy with the spirit of the season. Primitive? Perhaps. But we should not be too disapproving of our ancestors exuberance. Without it... you and I we might not be here! And there's another reason to respect this part of our heritage. Beltane belongs to a time when people didn't see themselves as quite so separate from the rest of nature. Our world today might be a better place in many ways if we could only revive that sense of connection.


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