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May 2nd to May 7th 2005

People under the same sign email

Hi Jonathan,
My dad thinks astrology is rubbish. He can't understand how all people under one sign can have the same traits. What should I tell him?
Kim, aged 17

Dear Kim,

People born under the same sign clearly AREN'T all the same. But, like passengers on the same boat, they share common interests. At times, a wave or storm can give them all a similar challenge. Er.. that's all the help I'm offering. I'm a dad too. I hate being out-argued by my teenage daughters!

Unplanned baby email

Dear Jonathan,
You have said that it makes no difference to your horoscope if you were born 'naturally' or at a time chosen by a doctor. But what if you were an unplanned baby? My parents conceived me by mistake. Perhaps I am not really meant to be here?

Dear Helen,
Many believe that those who 'slip through' in this way are extra special. Their souls were clearly needed on the Earth so badly that the cosmos took a few risks (and maybe even a few attempts) to get them into a body as fast as possible!

Skipping comment

Dear Jonathan,
I was disappointed to learn that World Jump Day was not serious. I'd like you to know about a similar idea that's not a hoax. I am part of a group of people who believe that if, instead of walking, more of us 'skipped merrily along' we might all feel a little happier.

Dear Kim,
I have visited your website, As a plan for making the world better, it rather lacks depth, but then... so do most of the policies we are all being urged to go out and vote for tomorrow in the UK general election!

British Election comment

In Britain today, there's an election taking place. It's very exciting.. if you like watching paint dry. It's even more exciting if you care about which particular colour of paint it happens to be. Britain may still be the 'cradle of democracy' but elsewhere in the world, democracy has grown up a little. Proportional representation means that no vote is wasted. Here, though, we have to think about where we live, who came first and second last time and then vote against who we don't want rather than FOR who we do. And the odds of ever getting a voice in parliament for an independent, pioneering minority view - is lower than the likelihood of winning the lottery! Hmmm. No wonder so many people can't be bothered.

Astrological predictions email

Dear Jonathan,
What worries me about astrological predictions is that by reading them I'll somehow make them come true. This is all very well if they say something positive, but so often they tell you (sympathetically) that you are having or are about to have a rather hard time. We are all, of course, subject to suggestion. Doesn't that ever worry you?

Dear Annabelle,
Worry me? Why do you think I have gone bald? I am keenly aware of the power of the "self-fulfilling prophecy". It's the reason I strive so hard to find something constructive to say about every situation.

The Dark Side of the Moon

The dark of the Moon is upon us once more. It's not just 'glimpses of the future' that can be attained during the Moon's 'invisible phase'. It is also supposed to be a time when we can banish old problems and embrace new possiblities. Physical wounds can be more easily healed and emotional scars can be soothed. To work your own New Moon magic, just find a few peaceful minutes to reflect. Then carefully 'pour' your brightest hope into the inner cauldron of your emotions. According to tradition, when the Moon, re-emerges it will then 'carry your wish' with it. Over the following 28 days, it should subtly broadcast your need into the minds of those who are best positioned to help you, while they are sleeping and dreaming.


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