Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

August 29th to September 3rd 2005

MONDAY August 29
Niburu Xena comment

Dear Jonathan, After all you have said about the newly-discovered planet, Xena, I wonder if you are familiar with the writings of Zecharia Sitchin. He says the ancients were aware of a planet called Niburu which has a very different orbit to the rest of the solar system. It travels far from the Sun for millenia but every so often it comes close enough to affect the Earth’s gravity. He believes it will soon be rediscovered.

Dear Paul,
Sitchin’s work deserves reading with an open mind. But whatever Xena is... it is not ‘Niburu’

TUESDAY August 30
New Planets comment

Yesterday, I mentioned a ‘hypothetical planet’ called Nibiru. Some believe it was known to the ancients and will be rediscovered soon. Another ‘theoretical planet’ is called Vulcan. In the last century, many astronomers suspected this was too close to the Sun to be visible at night... or by day. We’d only be able to detect it when it was passing right in front of the Sun’s face. Even then, it would look like a sunspot. The newly discovered ‘Xena’ fits none of these theories. It is, though, very real.

Electrical stimulation email

Dear Jonathan, Apparently, when researchers apply electrical stimulation to the right temporal lobe of the brain, they can produce the experience of an unseen loving presence and a sense of cosmic awareness. What do you think this means?

Dear Lois,
I think it means that one day, we'll all walk around with machines strapped to our heads! I have long predicted a time when millions will become more peaceful, reverent and respectful, but I thought it would come about through through prayer or meditation. Any route to a higher plane though, is better than none!

THURSDAY September 1
Venus and Jupiter

Venus is now completing its annual conjunction to Jupiter. Though both planets have lately been very visible, they have been getting harder to detect each evening because, as fast as they have been drawing near to each other, they have been moving ever closer to the Sun. Their alignment, though, remains auspicious - as does the fact that it is happening 'below the radar'. This, plus the fact that we are now in the 'Dark of the Moon', suggests that today's most positive developments may not be immediately obvious. If you can't yet see evidence of a blessing, wait a while. It may take some time to recognise it.

FRIDAY September 2
Differences between psychic and astrologer forecasts email

Hi Jonathan,
What's the difference between a psychic and an astrologer?

Dear Judith,
Whether they use tarot cards, crystals or just hear a strong inner voice, psychics are not obliged to explain where their insights have come from. Astrologers, though, create an accurate map of the sky when they give a reading. This horoscope must then be interpreted according to strict, clear ancient rules. We can have hunches too, but these must be supported by a coherent argument that our colleagues can follow, step by step.

SATURDAY September 3
Jupiter and Venus

Weekend Forecast: Jupiter and Venus complete their annual conjunction this weekend. That's an auspicious indication of peace and prosperity for all who now nurture a sincere desire to help make life easier for those they love. More selfish or indulgent aspirations may also be apparently rewarded, but the fruits of these will be short-lived. If you want lasting success, pursue your most noble goal.

SUNDAY September 4
Pluto and Planets in Reverse Travel

Your Week Ahead: Pluto stops moving backwards this weekend. Or rather, it appears to. Planets don't actually travel in reverse. It's an optical illusion like the one you get when you are riding on a fast train and you overtake a slower one. Even though it is moving in the same direction, the slower train seems to be slipping behind. Some scientists say that, as it isn't really happening, it can't be having an influence. They also point out that Pluto is very far away and so small that it doesn't deserve to be called a planet. We astrologers know though, know that size isn't everything... and that the magic of astrology is in the symbolism, not the science. Pluto IS important and, when it 'changes direction', big secrets come to light. Look out, this week, for news that proves who has (and has not) been telling the truth about some vital matter.


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