Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

September 5th to September 10th 2005

MONDAY September 5
Messages from all over the world email

Hello Jonathan,
Do you ever feel as if you are receiving messages from all over the world while writing your forecasts?

Dear Vicky,
I do sometimes get that feeling - but I prefer not to think about it. I just try to let the predictions flow through me... for they always seem to come out better when they just 'write themselves'.

TUESDAY September 6
Katrina - tragic hurricane comment

Some astrologers claim to have predicted last week’s tragic hurricane. I have yet to establish how detailed their prophecies were. If, though, anyone really did expect it, why didn’t they shout a warning from the rooftops? Like many astrologers, I feel dreadful about the fact that, sometimes, my charts reveal the future in vivid, accurate detail... yet events of this magnitude can still remain hidden from view. I am now working on a system that lets future-watchers across the globe pool their insights to remove the blind spot in our collective vision. I’ll say more soon.

WEDNESDAY September 7
Reading Extra Forecasts email

Dear Jonathan,
My ex-partner is a Scorpio. I’ve been following her forecast lately and sometimes, I can relate to it more than my own Leo forecast. Why’s this?

Dear Stephan,
There’s probably a strong Scorpio influence in your full birth chart. Still, though, I recommend you read only the forecast for your own sun sign. The advice it contains will benefit you much more. PS; why you are still reading your ex’s forecasts? Rediscover your Leonine independence and pride!

THURSDAY September 8
Relating to predictions for several signs email

Hi Jonathan:
Like the reader who wrote in yesterday, I too, can often relate to predictions for several signs. I still don’t see why I shouldn’t read them.
J (by e-mail)

Dear J,
Sometimes the weather varies dramatically from one location to another. Sometimes, the whole land can expect similar conditions. But even on days when there’s just one dominant ‘cosmic climate’, different signs may need to respond differently. So you should still read only your own forecast. If you then want more ‘localised advice’, call the phone line for a personalised prediction.

FRIDAY September 9
Final Word on 'reading extra forecasts'

A final word on the topic of ‘reading extra forecasts’. I have no problem with anyone looking up a friend, colleague or family member’s prediction. I don’t even mind if they look up an enemy or an ‘ex’ (although I suspect the first suggests paranoia while the second implies an unhealthy attachment). I do, though, feel strongly that you should only read one prediction for yourself each day. Even if you know your Moon sign, Rising sign, Venus sign etc, the prediction to read on this site is the prediction for your SUN sign!

SATURDAY September 10
Antagonistic Angles planetary comment

Weekend Forecast: Mercury is now forming a 150 degree angle to Neptune while Mars is at 150 degrees to Jupiter. These are 'antagonistic angles'. Some astrologers consider them 'difficult', others insist they can give rise to great blessings. The truth is, it's a bit of both. If, this weekend, you're willing to learn and adapt, you'll make great progress. If you're trying to hold your ground, you may find it shifts annoyingly beneath your feet.

SUNDAY September 11
Non-violence prediction for the future

Your Week Ahead: Four years ago this week, we were shocked by a series of terrible events. Out of respect to all who have ever lost loved ones in a bombing, a war or indeed, in any act of aggression, I want to make a prediction. The cold fury that fuels terrorism will not be with us forever. One day, even the most bitter disputes will be resolved without bloodshed. Respect and understanding will eventually triumph over hatred and anger. I am not describing a world several centuries from now. Many astrologers believe such a time could be less than a couple of decades away. Each day, we move further into the age of Aquarius, further towards the end of the Mayan calendar and nearer to a time of unprecedented planetary activity. A new determination to pursue change through 'non violence' is about to emerge in the hearts and minds of millions.


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