Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 5th to December 11th 2005

MONDAY December 5
King and Queen of Nepal Mars email

Dear Jonathan,
Before you took your break last week, you mentioned the president of Thailand's interest in astrology. Did you also know that the King and Queen of Nepal only visit their troops when Mars is favourable?

Dear Angela,
Indeed. And Nancy Reagan famously used astrology to schedule her husband's historic summit meetings. Nor are these the only examples of people in high office consulting members of my profession. I'd say more but my phone is ringing. 'Hello? Ah yes, Gordon. Listen, about those growth rate figures...'

TUESDAY December 6
6-6-6 Email query

Hi Jonathan,
Next year we will have the date 6-6-6 upon us. Can we expect the Antichrist to be born on this day? Or will the Devil show his hand in some other way?
Thanks, Jim

Dear Jim,
It is hard to imagine that the Prince of Darkness has to sit around waiting for his number to come up before he can make a move. But then again, they do say 'the devil is in the detail'. I, though, predict 6.6.06 will pass quite safely for us all even at 6 minutes and 6 seconds past 6!

WEDNESDAY December 7
Age of Aquarius email

Dear Jonathan,
Supposedly, we are leaving the Age of Pisces to enter the Age of Aquarius. Pisces represents creativity and open-mindedness yet the Age of Pisces was a time of war and suffering, not to mention the mullet hairstyle. As it seems the ages don't manifest the highest qualities of their signs, who is to say that the Aquarian Age won’t be a tempestuous time of conflct and tasteless coiffures?

Dear Debbie,
I can’t make any promises about the hairdos but I feel optimistic about the wars. Aquarius is a much less passionate sign than Pisces.

THURSDAY December 8
Politicians and power comment

I have a theory about politicians. I suspect that most are genuine, sincere, well-meaning folk... until they actually get into power. Then the dark side of their personality slowly but surely takes over. Who would ever have thought that nice, friendly Taurean Tony would turn out to be a ruthless warmonger? And when the greengrocer's Libran daughter stood on the steps of Downing Street, reciting St Francis of Assisi's peace prayer, she hardly seemed like an Iron Lady. Interestingly, despite all assurances that they are made of different stuff, David Cameron (the UK's new leader of the Opposition) is also a Libran.

FRIDAY December 9
Is time speeding up email?

Hi Jonathan,
It seems to me as if time is speeding up. Many of my friends feel the same way. I have even heard that scientists are seeking to prove this. Do you think it’s true?

Dear Christine,
Time, as Einstein pointed out, is relative. It passes faster when we are busy and slows down when we stop to meditate, contemplate and reflect. These days, though, we’ve all got clocks ticking away on our TV screens, computers, phones, car dashboards and even on our cookers! No wonder we’re all in such a hurry.

SATURDAY December 10
Mars ends retrograde motion

Weekend Forecast: No matter what sign you are, if you’ve been trying to get things done lately, you will have noticed how it often feels as if you’re trying to run up a slippery slope. Happily, Mars, this week, ends the phase of retrograde motion that has been impeding its influence since October. Now that the planet of action is back in action.... we can all expect to make a little more progress a lot more easily!

SUNDAY December 11
Mars opposite Jupiter comment

Your Week Ahead: Since October, Mars has been slipping backwards through the zodiac. This week, it starts to edge forward once more. If you’ve got a goal you want to achieve before everything stops for the holiday season, you may now be in with a chance, even if you’ve lately been experiencing delay and frustration. The possibility is more pronounced because Mars is currently opposite Jupiter. Such alignments take place only once every couple of years. They always create fresh energy, enthusiasm and excitement. Normally, though, these last for only a few days. As Mars is ‘on the turn’, though, it is moving slowly. Jupiter, too, is currently trundling rather than zipping through the sky. The result is a prolonged opposition that should fill the whole week with challenge and adventure for almost everyone... especially as we’re also coming up to a potent Full Moon.


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