Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

December 12th to December 18th 2005

MONDAY December 12
Mars query email

Dear Jonathan,
Last week, You told us that Mercury was no longer moving 'backwards'. You didn't though, say anything about Mars. Isn't this planet also travelling in reverse?

Dear Erica,
Though 'retrograde motion' is only an optical illusion, it has great symbolic significance. The planet of ambition has been retracing its steps since October, causing many people to feel as if their lives are not really getting anywhere. Mars started moving forward again at the weekend. If you have been striving to make progress with a project of any kind, you'll notice a real improvement soon.

TUESDAY December 13
Mars and Jupiter comment

You can't really see which direction Mars is moving in unless you keep watching it, night after night. You can, though, see with just one glance that it's still exceptionally bright. Mars is currently just to the side of the nearly Full Moon, while Venus is an almost dazzling sight each evening, soon after sunset. Technically speaking it is (just) about bright enough to cast a shadow! If you're up early you should also be able to catch a pre-dawn view of Jupiter and Mercury above the horizon.

WEDNESDAY December 14
Full Moon comment

Your diary or calendar will tell you that the Moon is full tomorrow. Technically, that's true but, as it becomes full at 4.16pm GMT (11.16am EST and 9.16am Pacific Time) it will be 'past full' by Thursday night. Heavenly alignments are most powerful just before they 'culminate' so from an astrological point of view, tonight is the night. As Mars is close to the Moon, Venus is shining brightly after sunset... and the Sun is forming a conjunction to Pluto, profundity has priority over pretence. If you're trying to hide the way you feel about something... or someone, you may as well not bother!

THURSDAY December 15
Rare New Moon on New Year's Eve

A mid December Full Moon means we will have a New Moon on New Year's Eve. This is rare. It suggests resolutions will have real astrological power and will prove surprisingly easy to keep. It also means that if you've now got unfinished business, you are likely to clear it up early in the New Year. If there's something you want to know about the world in 2006, especially if it involves a trend or development in politics, society, fashion, music, sport, science or the economy, drop me a line and I'll do my best to answer your question.

FRIDAY December 16
Buffy - '2004 XR190' comment

The past few years have revealed several ‘new’ objects at the edge of our solar system. Astronomers found first Quaoar, then Sedna followed by Xena. Their latest discovery, ‘2004 XR190’, has been nicknamed Buffy — and astronomers are completely baffled by her orbit. It is at such a ‘tilt to the ecliptic’ that it effectively lies outside the zodiac. Astrologers, though, can easily see what Buffy is here to tell us. There’s more going on in our world than any of us yet understand, and soon we will have to rethink a lot of what we reckon we know.

SATURDAY December 17
Full Moon in Gemini

Weekend Forecast: There's a Full Moon in Gemini around this time every year. Sometimes, though, it takes place a little closer to Christmas – and sometimes, it comes earlier in December. Generally speaking, it marks the point when 'pre-festive tension' starts to diminish and an easier, more relaxed mood prevails. The Moon is now full and will start to wane over the weekend.

SUNDAY December 18
Horoscope of Jesus comment

Your Week Ahead: Once upon a time, astrologers were forbidden to draw up the horoscope of Jesus... although many went ahead and did it anyway. Quite how they managed is a mystery because nobody knows when he was born. The Church only decided to celebrate his birthday on December 25 because they wanted to stamp their authority on the ancient festival of 'Yule'. They also wanted the founder of their religion to have impeccable cosmic credentials. Hence the story of the three wise men following a star to find a special soul entering the world. Once, this 'supported' the idea that Jesus was divine. Now, it 'supports' the idea that we too, should offer each other expensive gifts... to remember a birth that took place in poverty! This week, the original, traditional midwinter solstice happens on Thursday. In the midst of all the seasonal madness, though, most of us will probably be too busy to notice!


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