Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 1st to February 5th 2005

TUESDAY February 1

Jupiter is now becoming 'stationary'. Whenever the planet of hope stands still, our biggest, brightest dreams become just a little easier to reach for.

WEDNESDAY February 2
The Galactic Centre

I recently printed a letter from a reader who insisted that the Earth does not revolve around the Sun. I'm still striving to understand her point but it inspires me to mention a little-known fact. The Sun, like the Earth, is an object in orbit. It revolves around a distant part of the Milky Way, known as 'The Galactic Centre'. In the zodiac, that point ends up being somewhere near the end of Sagittarius. Sagittarians, though, need not feel too flushed with pride. When we eventually discover tools to make the necessary measurements, we will surely find that this section of the sky is in a state of motion, too.

THURSDAY February 3
Sporting Predictions

Dear Jonathan,
Why do you never make predictions about sporting fixtures?

Dear Alex,
I don't know much about sport. That used to be why I left it alone. Now, though, I know it is easier to be accurate about a matter when you have no vested interest in the outcome. Privately, I have a good record in this area. But I don't make public pronouncements - because I want to keep my friends. People love it when I say their team will win. But they hate it - and even blame me - if I prophesy a loss.

FRIDAY February 4
No Thought for the Day

No Thought for the Day

SATURDAY February 5
New Moon in Aquarius

This week brings a New Moon in Aquarius. It also, therefore, brings Losar, the Tibetan New Year. For Tibetans, this should be a celebration to mark the start of the year of the Wood Hen. Sadly, though, for the Dalai Lama and his gentle people, it just marks the start of yet another year in exile. China invaded Tibet half a century ago, driving out millions of deeply religious people and oppressing millions more. This week also brings Chinese New Year. Experts argue about whether it ought to be called the Year of the Rooster or the Green Chicken. Let us hope that the Chinese eventually manage, not only to decide what year it is... but to right their terrible wrong in Tibet. I won't go so far as to predict such a wonderful change but I do believe this may yet become the year of China's slowly-awakening conscience.
THE MOON enters Capricorn at 2.32pm. It moves into Aquarius on Monday at 2.26pm. It enters Pisces on Wednesday at 1.59pm and moves to Aries on Friday at 3.21pm. The New Moon is on Tuesday at 10.28pm. Mars starts seven weeks in Capricorn tomorrow at 6.32pm.


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