Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 7th to February 12th 2005

MONDAY February 7
Arguments email

Hello Jonathan,
My friends and I have noticed that lately we are all having more arguments with each other, our partners and colleagues. Even our friends and family are doing the same. Is it something in the sky? Thanks, Carrie

Dear Carrie,
Normally letters like this reflect alignments which affect a small percentage of the population. Because members of the same family often have planets in similar sensitive spots and because often, we unconsciously make friends with people whose charts resonate with our own, it seems to us that 'everyone' is going through the same thing. The current tension though, has a wider basis, as I shall explain tomorrow

TUESDAY February 8
New Moon comment

New Moon days are often a little edgy. There's a kind of tension that builds up in the air. Unlike Full Moon tension, though, which is usually heated and dramatic, most folk become a little more inward at this time of the month. We may grow moody, anxious or despondent. Or, we may feel as if we simply cannot accept a certain situation for a moment longer. Within hours that feeling gives way to a sense of renewed hope and enthusiasm. The moon is new today in California at 2.28pm, in New York at 5.28pm and in London at 10.28pm. It is new tomorrow morning (Wednesday) in New Delhi at 3.58am, and in Sydney at 9.58am. Watch and you may see that change occur.

WEDNESDAY February 9
Positive Predictions Email

Dear Jonathan,
Your predictions are always very positive. Surely, though, there must be times when the planets are in terrible positions. Do you just censor the bad news?

Dear Elaine,
I don't censor anything. I'm a great believer in free expression. I fight most fervently for my own right to propagate a passionate belief. Negativity breeds negativity. A difficult or a challenging alignment is NOT a reason for an astrologer to speak in a doomy tone. It is an invitation to become even more optimistic and encouraging, in order to help overcome the potential difficulty.

THURSDAY February 10
Ellen MacArthur

Ellen MacArthur was born on July 8 1976. She was born under the water sign of Cancer and her Moon is in the ultimate sign of adventure, Sagittarius. How interesting that so soon after the discovery of Sedna, the ocean goddess, the world should get a new queen of the sea.

FRIDAY February 11
No Thought for the Day

SATURDAY February 12
Saturn and Jupiter

Amazing sights can be seen in the sky this week. Saturn is high in the south-east at dusk, setting in the north-west at dawn. It looks like an unusually bright star near the 'twins' Castor and Pollux but, because it is a planet, it doesn't twinkle. It just shines with a steady light. Get out your binoculars and you may see the famous ring. While you're there, look for Jupiter far to the left. It comes up in the east late in the evening, it's high in the south by early morning, and goes down at dawn in the south west. Through those binoculars, you should see Jupiter's four moons and maybe its red spot too. This planet of hope is now very near Spica, a star that traditionally signifies brilliance. The ancients believed that just to catch a glimpse of Jupiter and Spica together was lucky. Take a moment to look... and make a wish!

THE MOON enters Taurus tomorrow at 8.18pm GMT. It moves into Gemini on Wednesday at 5.18am, and into Cancer On Friday at 5.13pm GMT. Mercury enters Pisces on Wednesday at 5.46pm GMT. On Friday, the Sun also enters Pisces, at 1.32pm GMT.


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