Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 14th to February 19th 2005

MONDAY February 14
Valentine's Day comment

Valentine's Day, like Christmas, is a 'fixed festival.' It doesn't shift across the calendar according to the movement of the Moon. Nor, indeed, did anyone think to consult the planets when selecting this date to promote the sale of cards, flowers, chocolates and lacy undergarments! It is not surprising then, that some of us find it difficult to summon up the mood. By coincidence, though, this year there's a conjunction between Venus and Neptune taking place. So, if you're expecting a good evening, it could yet turn out to be a great one. And even if you have no expectation, you may yet be pleasantly surprised.

TUESDAY February 15
Romantic alignments

If Cupid’s arrow has so far missed its mark, fear not. This week’s most romantic celestial alignments are still ahead.

WEDNESDAY February 16
Planets Cosmic Clock comment

The planets as they move through the sky, form the hands of a complex, cosmic clock. Think, for example, about the difference between an ordinary chess set and a three-dimensional game. There's a lot more information to process in the latter. Likewise, when we study the Sun, the Moon and all the other celestial bodies, we get to see far more of the passage of the hours and the minutes. We see some events that occur regularly, once a month, or once a year. Others are rare. Only once a decade or even once in a hundred years do certain alignments take place. Tomorrow, I'll explain why an exceptional moment is due, this very week.

THURSDAY February 17
Saturn and Uranus Alignment

Saturn, the planet of restraint takes about 28 years to travel once round the zodiac. Uranus, the planet of freedom, takes 84 years. They don't, therefore, align with each other very often. When they do, it creates a resonance that can echo through the sky (and through our lives) for many months. A mood builds up and only moves on once the angle between the planets has become 'exact'. Lately, we have all felt the tension of the sharp link between these two conflicting symbols. Soon, there will be reconciliation and relief, once more.

FRIDAY February 18
Charles and Camilla Wedding Day comment

Dear Jonathan, I'm curious. How come Prince Charles and Camilla have chosen April 8 for their wedding day? There's an eclipse happening then. Isn't that supposed to be wildly inauspicious?

Dear Larita,
Princess Diana was famously fond of astrology. After she died, several people stepped forward to announce that they had been her personal guide. Such deeply unprofessional conduct causes me to question the quality of the advice she got. This has made Charles and Camilla determined to ignore all seers and stargazers. We would all have told them to leave this date alone. It won't harm their relationship with each other, but it doesn't bode well with the public.

SATURDAY February 19
Cutting Hair email

Dear Jonathan,
Someone once told me that it can be unfortunate to cut your hair during certain phases of the Moon. I really can't remember though, when the right time was supposed to be. And my split ends won't wait much longer.

Dear Annie,
I don't know about 'unfortunate' but it has long been believed, by herbalists, healers and traditional astrologers, that if you want to promote growth, you should attend to your hair (or your plants) during a WAXING Moon. If you trim back during a WANING Moon, you are more likely, to delay progress and slow down change. If you look at my picture above, you can clearly see what happened when I once had my own hair cut during a waning moon! Seriously, though, the Moon is waxing now and will continue to do so until it grows Full, early on Thursday Morning. So if you want to try out the theory, you'd better start snipping soon.

THE MOON is in Cancer until Monday, when it moves into Leo at 5.54am GMT. It enters Virgo on Wednesday, at 5.44pm GMT. On Thursday there is a Full Moon at 4.54am GMT.


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