Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

July 18th to July 23rd 2005

MONDAY July 18
Saturn comment

Saturn takes about 28 years to travel once round the zodiac. Every two to three years, it moves into a new sector of the sky. The weeks surrounding this transition tend to be very powerful. The people whose signs Saturn is entering and leaving tend to feel the influence most strongly, but we all become affected to some extent. Saturn moved from Cancer to Leo over the weekend. It last covered this same heavenly 'ground' back in June 1976. It will next return to Cancer in 2032.

World Events forecasts

When astrologers have specific forecasts to make about world events, they are supposed to use cryptic, mysterious language. This helps them remain interesting and enigmatic. It rules out the risk of creating a 'self fulfilling prophecy'. It avoids upsetting people who don't want the prediction to come true and it means, if we are wrong, that we can deny we ever said anything! Er... with all this in mind, I'd like to say 'Clip on wiz, draw blur.' Think 'crossword clue' if you want to decipher it now. Otherwise, about a year from now, I'll explain all!

Wish Come True email

Dear Jonathan,
In my forecast, you recently mentioned a chance to make a wish come true. But how does one go about doing this? Does the universe simply know what is in one's heart, or is there something one must do? Sincerely,

Dear Anne,
'The universe' is within you... every bit as much as you are within it! So it always knows what is in your heart... and it never stops offering you opportunities. All you have to do is recognise this, respect it... and be willing to expend enough effort to seize your chance.

Full Moon fever

Have you noticed how bright the Moon is at the moment? Not only is it full, it's as close to the earth as it ever gets. That explains why so many of us now seem to be suffering from the effects of 'Full Moon fever'. There's been a great sense of edginess and tetchiness in the air of late. Much of this will blow over in the next couple of days. Look out today, though, for the temptation to stir up arguments that may be much better left alone to settle.

FRIDAY July 22
Mercury Retrograde Career Change email

Dear Jonathan,
I have been offered a new job. I have heard, though, that Mercury is about to turn retrograde. Does that make it a bad time for a career change?

Dear Laura,
Between this weekend and mid August, the planet of communication and commerce will appear to slip backwards through the zodiac. If something naturally holds you back, put it down to Mercury's influence and be patient. If not, carry on as usual and don't worry. This cosmic influence is not as powerful as some folk seem to think.

Mercury Retrograde comment

Your week ahead: Trying to reach an agreement? Hoping for news? Wishing your transport was more reliable? Mercury is now 'retrograde'. Whenever this happens, we often have problems with wheels... and deals. Letters go astray. Computers play up. Legal matters get sticky. Travel arrangements prove tricky. Happily, the situation doesn't last long. Three weeks at a time, twice a year or so. Most astrologers say that when the communication planet is moving backwards, we should forget about moving forward. They recommend postponing plans, delaying decisions, missing meetings and avoiding new commitments. Millions take this advice seriously. So, er... no wonder it becomes a time when it is hard to do business! Much of the concern surrounding this occasional optical illusion in the sky is a myth; a self-fulfilling prophecy; a classic case of the tail wagging the dog. In my experience, it's still a perfectly good time to keep doing business and taking action... as long as what you are doing has been well thought through.


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