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June 6th to June 11th 2005

Dark of the Moon

The Moon will be officially, technically 'new' tonight at 10.55pm. Until tomorrow night, therefore, we will be in the "Dark of The Moon", a brief phase of the month when, according to tradition, the veil between the present and the future grows flimsy. If you get a 'sudden flash' of insight or inspiration, today, trust it.

Mind Power Email

Dear Jonathan,
Here's a mind-power story. My school fair, years ago, ran a stall where you had to stick your hand into a box and pull out a rubber spider. If the spider had a red ribbon around it, you won a prize. I thought, 'How easy, I'll just feel for a spider with a ribbon'. I won twelve times. The next contestant pulled out a spider with a gold ribbon and lost. Only then did I realise EVERY spider had a ribbon. As soon as I realised that, I stopped winning!
Regards, Benjamin

Who Invented Astrology email?

Dear Jonathan,
Who invented astrology? Who were the first astrologers? How did the idea of using the planets to predict the future come about?
Thanks, Lauren

Dear Lauren,
Crikey! What a lot of questions. Are you sure you don't also want to know which came first, the egg or the chicken? Er... for as long as there have been planets and humans to notice them, there have been people reading meaning into the state of the sky. Once folk discovered that the planets have predictable cycles, they were able to see the future.. to some extent at least. The rest, I think we can safely assume, came naturally!

Reading Other People's Forecasts Email

Dear Jonathan,
You recently urged caution when reading other people's forecasts. Why?

Dear Ruby,
What does the word 'Blue' suggest to you? The colour of the sky? Or the sea? A mood? A movie? Without context, you can only guess. When you read your own forecast, you automatically supply the correct context. No matter how well you know someone else, though, you can't be inside their mind. There's a risk you'll misinterpret the meaning to suit YOUR IDEA about whatever your friend is going through.

FRIDAY June 10
Venus and Jupiter comment

Though the New Moon has recently put a lot of people through tension or turmoil, we're heading for a happier time. Even if you're nursing an emotional wound or wrestling with a tricky problem, the next few days should help you feel better. You can actually see some of the positive influences now at work in the world if you watch Venus shining brightly just after sunset this weekend... and then look higher in the sky till you spot helpful, hopeful Jupiter, making an exact right angle to it.

Mars Moves into Aries comment

Your week ahead: Tomorrow, at 3.30am, Mars moves into a new sign. If you happen to be up at that unearthly hour, you can see it happening. Well, you can see Mars, anyway. Look for a little pinkish object in the east at about 2am. Check to see if it twinkles. Stars do, planets don't. So if it isn't twinkling, it must be Mars. You won't, though, spot the zodiac sign change so easily. This has to be calculated mathematically. While the constellations give some clue, they are misleading. The 'star cluster' that astronomers call Aries, for example, is NOT the same as the precise part of the 'Ecliptic' that astrologers use this word to mean. But even if you can't see Mars pass a line in the sky, you'll see a difference soon enough. No matter what sign you are, from Sunday onwards, once Mars has moved into the sign of the Ram, you will find the world has become a racier, pacier place.

The Moon moves from Leo into Virgo on Monday at 2.22am. On Wednesday, at 1.59pm, it moves into Libra where it remains until Friday at 10.24pm when it enters Scorpio. Today, at 8.03am, Mercury entered Cancer. Tomorrow, at 3.30am, Mars moves into Aries.


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