Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

June 13th to June 18th 2005

MONDAY June 13
Olympic Games email

Dear Jonathan,
The International Olympic Commission look set to award the 2012 games to Paris. Do you still think it will be London?

Dear Jayne,
I do. Every time I stick my neck out, I worry that I will look silly if I am wrong. I also fear that if I get a good result it will foster false confidence and make future success harder to attain. But then I figure, if you can't take the heat, get out of the cosmic kitchen! Let's just see what happens.

Michael Jackson verdict

In April, I said Michael Jackson would be found not guilty. I promised to keep quiet until then. Now I can speak. I have friends who were abused as children. I know how hard it is to accuse an abuser. Yet all twelve members of Jackson's jury can't have been naive or corrupt. They heard the evidence, I didn't. But if he's guilty of nothing else, he is guilty of being far too innocent! A Peter Pan complex is one thing, a refusal to accept ANY adult responsiblity is another. I predict he will now grow up.

Which forecast email

Hi Jonathan,
I was born in New Zealand in the morning. According to the clock here in Britain, that's the evening of the previous day. So should I read tomorrow's forecast, instead of today's? And if so, where can I find it?
Thanks, Suzanne

Over the years I have come across many wheezes and wangles from people wanting their daily forecast in advance. This is the best so far. But no matter where you were born, the forecast you need is today's! I'll explain why... er... tomorrow!

Which forecast comment

Earlier this week, a lady born in New Zealand argued that, because the clocks are further ahead there, she should read tomorrow's daily forecast today. It's one of those points that makes you feel dizzy if you dwell on it, but years ago I forced myself to think it through. I reached a conclusion. No matter where you are in the world - or where you were born, the day you are actually having is the day you need to read about!

FRIDAY June 17
Mars August 27th email

Hello Jonathan,
I got an email yesterday that said "Earth is about to make the closest approach to Mars in history. On August 27th it will look as large as the full moon..." Is this true?

Dear Ron,
The close approach happened two years ago. This is an internet hoax. And Mars will never get as big as the Full Moon or anywhere near. It is though, still an inspiring sight in the east, this weekend, just before dawn.

Summer solstice comment

Your week ahead: Are you getting enough sleep? The Sun is now rising very early and setting very late. In Australia, it's the other way round. Long nights, short days. There, it's midwinter, here, it's midsummer. For us all though, it's the 'Solstice'. Remember what they told us in school, about the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West? Well, that's strictly true only twice a year. The rest of the time, it drifts along an invisible 'track'. At the Solstice, it's as far from its proper place as it can get. The ancients read a lot into that. They even went to the trouble of creating Stonehenge as a place from which to mark and measure this 'day of magic and power'. I shall stay up all night to give the solstice dawn a traditional greeting on Monday evening/Tuesday morning. Even if you prefer to get what sleep you can, treat it as a special time. You may yet find you can weave a very successful spell!

Itís the Solstice. The Sun moves from Gemini into Cancer on Tuesday at 6.46am (GMT). Meanwhile, the Moon moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius on Monday at 1.45am; then into Capricorn at 2.52am on Wednesday, becoming full at 4.14am. It enters Aquarius on Friday at 2.36am.


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