Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

June 20th to June 25th 2005

MONDAY June 20
Solstice dawn

Tomorrow when the solstice dawn breaks early over the horizon, the Sun will be as far towards the North East as it ever gets. Tradition tells us that on Midsummer Eve, fairies can be seen, lost items can be found and dreams can come true. The veil between the worlds grows thin, just as it does during the Dark of The Moon.

Solstice Greetings

Solstice Greetings. For centuries, June 21 was one of the two most important days of the year. The other was the solstice now celebrated as Christmas. It's strange how this particular festival has been forgotten whilst its counterpart on the calendar has proved so enduring. I predict that soon, there will be a grand rediscovery of this crucial part of our heritage.

Recently-discovered planets email

Hi Jonathan,
I have been thinking about recently-discovered planets, such as Sedna or Pluto. Why do astrologers see them as new influences? They have been there all along, haven't they?

Dear Jenny,
Think of it this way. You are broke. One day, you find a previous occupant of your home left a fortune hidden under the floor. Now it is yours - and it is going to make a big difference. Until it came to light though, it had no impact!

Mars and Jupiter comment

The Moon may no longer be directly opposite the Sun, but Mars is still moving towards an opposition with Jupiter. Just as Jupiter sets in the West tonight, Mars rises in the east - and there's plenty of portent in the visible alignment of these two powerful planets. Expect a time of tension and urgency - yet also a day of great positivity and inspiration. Don't indulge anger or aggression. Jupiter's influence will only amplify such emotions. Do though, pursue noble visions. Mars can soon help these become a wonderful reality.

FRIDAY June 24
New Planets email

Hi Jonathan,
You said recently that new planets only influence us after they have come to light. Surely that like saying that the world only began to spin after we realised it was round.

Dear Ian,
I was trying to make a complex point in a short space. I now see I shall have to compose a more detailed explanation. But I am writing this reply at the Glastonbury Festival with music from several stages echoing all around. So er... I think Il leave it till next week. Have a good weekend!

Saturn, Mercury and Venus comment

Your week ahead: Prepare for some stunning sights in the sky. Each evening, just after sunset, you can see Saturn, Mercury and Venus, all close together for a while before they sink under the western horizon. This rare triple conjunction bodes brilliantly well for all with emotional issues to resolve, important conversations to hold or difficult decisions to make. Higher in the sky, Jupiter is also clearly visible. It is currently in opposition to Mars. Stay up long enough and you'll see it drift slowly west along the Arc of the zodiac till it too, sets in the west just before dawn. As it does so, Mars rises up in the East. Jupiter is the planet of hope and faith, justice and joy, exuberance and extravagance. Mars is the planet of anger and aggression but also of determination and direction, passion and priority. If you've got a mission now, you'll make great progress as long as you don't become too gung-ho


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