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June 27th to July 2nd 2005

MONDAY June 27
Birthday email query

Hi Jonathan
Years ago my mum did an astrology course. Since then she's always been on about it being a 'bad cycle' about 30 days before your birthday - after which you go into a 'good cycle'. In the 'bad cycle' you should never make important decisions as these have a tendency to fall through. Is all this true? And what happens if you make a decision BEFORE a bad cycle and then carry it out, DURING one?

Dear Rose,
Your mother is right. But then, mothers usually are, I find. As for your second question.... I'll tackle it tomorrow.

Birthday email response

Yesterday, a reader called Rose asked, 'What happens if you make a decision before a difficult phase in your life is due to begin... but then carry it out once awkward influences are in place?' I've been thinking hard about this one. The definitive answer, I think, is... If you make a choice while the sky is aiding your discrimination, the choice will remain wise even when you no longer have clarity. But, er... sometimes, when we aren't feeling clear, we tend to question the conclusions we reached while we were on the ball.

Glastonbury Griffin comment

Despite what you may have seen on the news or read in the papers, Glastonbury festival was as good as ever this year. We did, it's true, get very wet and muddy. But that's all part of the magic. My favourite experience was the sight of a giant Gryphon - or Griffin, towering majestically above the field of the Stone Circle. It was made from solid oak and looked especially amazing against the Sunset. If you saw it, there or on TV, you may like to know that it is now being auctioned off. I'd put in a bid myself if I had somewhere to put it. But er... if you happen to know anyone, anywhere in the world... who runs a theme park... or a visitor attraction... or has got a gargantuan back garden... you may like to check it out on Ebay. Just search for Glastonbury Griffin.

Saturn - Capricorn/Cancer relations

Hi Jonathan,
Someone told me that Capricorn/Cancer relations have been under strain lately but in mid-July they improve. Is this so?
Regards, Nudah

Dear Nudah,
Saturn, for the past couple of years, has been in Cancer. This HAS been making relationships tricky for Capricorns, who are 'ruled? by Saturn. It has also been extremely challenging for Cancerians. Saturn changes sign soon and we'll ALL benefit from this... as I shall explain next week.

Make Poverty History comment

WILL anyone ever really 'Make Poverty History'? Some people suspect the current campaign is just propaganda. The G8 representatives will become heroic figures if they bow to public pressure. The fear is that they will make a pronouncement that sounds great until you read the small print... and who ever bothers to do that? But there's now a new mood in the air all over the globe and the planets insist it is no flash in the pan. Regardless of what the cynics think, big positive change is on its way.

NASA Missile comment

Your week ahead

On Tuesday morning, for the first time ever, American scientists will fire a missile into a comet. Many people find this worrying. NASA freely confess that they do not know if they are going to create a hole the size of a house... or a football stadium. This brutal attempt to find out what the comet is made of is like examining a flower by hitting it with a hammer. There are real fears that the impact will alter the orbit of the comet. That may sound trivial... but if you're an astrologer, it's very serious. Comets are crucial celestial symbols; important hands on the cosmic clock. To move one of these out of position, even by a small amount, could be to upset a delicate balance and change our universe forever. The Americans insist it won't happen. Their missile, they insist, is merely, 'the equivalent of a mosquito running into an airliner'. Let us hope they are right.


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