Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

March 7th to March 12th 2005

MONDAY March 7
New Moon comment

New Moons bring clearance and renewal. The days just prior to a New Moon though, bring tension and apprehension. This week's particularly powerful New Moon is already having an impact. That's why so many of us have had a trying weekend or are starting the week with a worry. Soon though, the air will clear, the mood will lift and the end of a long dark tunnel will appear.

Eclipse Wedding Day email

Dear Jonathan,
I am also getting married on April 8. After all that you have said about this being an inauspicious date for a wedding I am worried.

Dear Gavin,
For you and me, an eclipse need not be inauspicious. Ancient tradition, though, insists that Royal personages are particularly susceptible to the negative influence of such events.

Psychic Museum comment

Many people have asked me about the 'Museum of Psychic Experience' that I have been busily creating in York, England, for the past five years. Unfortunately, I can't say too much just yet. We're nearly ready to launch and we've got some big, exciting plans... but we don't want the word to get out till we're completely prepared. We're even trying not to 'project our thoughts' too much in case we accidentally transmit our news on the psychic wavelength! I can tell you though, that last year, we opened for a series of preview tours by special invitation. These were extremely successful and we are running just a few more over the Easter holiday. If you're interested in this project and if you think there's a chance you can get to York this Easter, please click here for details.

Psychic Museum - Part 2

What are you doing between March 19 and April 3? Is there any chance that you can get to the city of York, England on one of those days? If so, may we cordially invite you to a preview tour of our new 'Museum of Psychic Experience'. The Museum itself is not yet open to the general public because we are still putting the finishing touches to some of our plans. Most of our displays and activities though, are now up and running and we're keen to know what people think of them. The idea behind this museum is NOT to create a place where people can come and get psychic readings. The world is already full of such venues. Here, at our museum, YOU are the exhibit - and the subject we want to interest you in is your own intuitive potential! We believe that everyone is born blessed with psychic power to some extent at least. The ability to recognise and use this though, needs to be gently encouraged. Through various games, experiments and interactions, our visitors (in groups of 12 at a time) will get to try out their powers of telepathy, clairvoyance and even telekinesis. During each of our two-hour tours, a friendly, experienced and non judgemental guide will help each person make the most of their opportunity to explore. We believe there is no facility quite like this, anywhere in the world... and we have been carefully developing the concept for the past five years. If you think that it sounds fascinating, it is! It's a lot of fun too. So if you'd like to be one of the very first people ever to join us on a journey through the world of psychic potential, click here to find out more.

FRIDAY March 11
Trine comment

A 'Trine' is not just something that runs on an Australian railway. It's a harmonious alignment between planets, spanning a third of the sky. Next week's Trine from Jupiter to Neptune only occurs once or twice a decade. On this page tomorrow, I'll say more about why this rare event is about to sprinkle stardust over us all and, in your new audio forecast, I explain exactly how it can benefit you.

Jupiter and Nepture in harmony

I must be careful what I say today. We're entering a rather lovely week during which Jupiter will be in harmony with Neptune. This is in direct contrast to the tense mood that Saturn and Mars have been stirring up lately. Though people born under different signs will respond to the influence in different ways, it implies a time of hope, inspiration and enjoyable adventure for all. So why must I be careful? Because zodiac forecasts are a bit like weather forecasts. They only tell you what's on offer. They don't oblige you to experience it. The Sun, for example, can shine brightly all week long but if you stay indoors or walk out in a hat and stick to the shadows, you won't much notice. So, just to be clear, I'm not not guaranteeing you a wonderful time. I'm just letting you know that it is perfectly possible to have one!

THE MOON is in Aries until tomorrow when it moves into Taurus at 6.05am GMT. On Tuesday it enters Gemini at 1.44pm GMT. It stays there until early Friday morning when it moves into Cancer 44 minutes after midnight GMT.

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