Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

March 14th to March 19th 2005

MONDAY March 14
Change of colour and Psychic Museum update

We turned purple over the weekend. If our site now clashes too dramatically with the colour of your desktop... let me know!
Meanwhile, I have had several e.mails asking me why the new Psychic Museum is opening under a retrograde Mercury. Firstly, the official launch is still some way off. The building is only opening for a two week trial run. I have to say though, that I would not consider a retrograde Mercury to be a reason to postpone. I don't agree with the astrologers who say you should delay starting all ventures till this phase is over. I might be a cautious about doing something on the 'stations' when the planet appears to be standing still... but a lot depends on what you are trying to acheive. If you're launching a project that's intended to help people reflect, you might well want to deliberately wait for a stationary or retrograde Mercury.
NB: A few tour places are still available for the Psychic Museum in York this Easter. If you are interested... click here

TUESDAY March 15
Doomsday TV Specials comment

Once, 'Reality TV' was all the rage. These days, apparently, we prefer 'Doomsday Specials'. For the record, while there are many pressing environmental issues that we need to address, we are NOT all about to be wiped out by a virus, a nuclear war, a flood, an earthquake, an asteroid collision, a supervolcano or even an invasion of alien debt collectors on a mission to punish the Earth for an unpaid intergalactic tax bill.

How are your predictions relevant email

Dear Jonathan,
The light from a distant star can take thousands of years to reach us. Your predictions are not based on what is currently happening so how can they be relevant?

Dear Gail,
The words you are reading now were written yesterday. Yesterday, though, you knew nothing about them - so they meant nothing to you. They are relevant to you now because now is when they are in front of your eyes!

Retrograde Mercury

Our front page may now be mostly one colour... but the response has come in every shade from light approval to dark admonishment. Soon, I shall share some of the strongest contributions to the debate. I shall though, postpone a final decision on whether to stay with our new hue until Mid April. That's when Mercury ends the Retrograde phase that it is just about to begin. As I said on Monday, you CAN still make decisions and plans under a retrograde Mercury... but while the communication planet is going backwards, it's best to 'reflect and review'. I rather suspect that soon, we will all be reviewing topics that matter somewhat more than the colour of our computer screens!
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FRIDAY March 18
Sun moves into Aries - Stationary Mercury comment

Later this weekend, the Sun will move into Aries, heralding the start of the astrological new year. Tomorrow, in this space, when the weekly forecasts appear, I'll say more on this topic. Meanwhile...
...Years ago, I visited a friend who was working in a shop. A customer came in and said, 'Excuse me, is this a stationery store?' I couldn't help myself. I piped up, 'Well, I have been here ten minutes and it hasn't moved yet.' Though Mercury will not officially be 'stationary' till Sunday, it has been in much the same position for days. If something in your life now seems 'stuck' that's probably why...
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Vernal Equinox comment

Happy New Year! The Sun moves into Aries this week and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere at least, the "Vernal Equinox" takes place. At this time, the days and nights are of equal length and a whole new zodiac cycle begins. If you've got a resolution to make or a habit that to break, prepare to make the attempt. You are far more likely to prove successful than you were back on January 1, when nothing much was happening in the sky. You may though, want to wait till after Friday's Full Moon when the turbulence has died down. In Celtic tradition, by the way, this first Full Moon of Spring was called 'Ostara' and it was dedicated to Eostre, the ancient goddess of winter's death and the earth's rebirth. Eostre gave her name to the festival we now call Easter - which celebrates a very similar theme. Eostre by the way was a fertility goddess. Though chocolate eggs are a new invention, Eostre's eggs have played a big part in the ceremonies of Spring for several thousand of years.

THE MOON moves from Cancer into Leo tomorrow at 1.17pm GMT. On Wednesday it moves into Virgo at 1.10am GMT where it stays until moving into Libra on Friday at 11am GMT. The Sun enters Aries tomorrow at 12.33pm GMT. Later, at 6.02pm GMT, Mars enters Aquarius. On Tuesday, Venus joins the Sun in Aries at 4.25pm GMT.
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