Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

March 21st to March 26th 2005

MONDAY March 21
UK Election comment

The date of the next UK election has not yet been officially announced. We all know, though, that it will be on Thursday, May 5. We also know, more or less, how it will turn out. After all, no matter who you vote for, the government always get in! In the past, I have always been reluctant to make predictions about such events. But for reasons I shall explain over the next few days, I now feel prepared to make a prophecy.

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TUESDAY March 22
UK Election - Part 2

I used to avoid making political predictions. I didn't want personal preferences to colour my professional judgement. Now, I can honestly say I despair of all politicians equally. In this, I fear, I am not alone. The UK election will have a low turnout and you don't need to be an astrologer to predict that Labour will lose seats. The question is, how many? And will they also lose power? My prognosis, tomorrow, may surprise you.

UK Election - Part 3

Labour have not hired an official astrologer to help pick the date of the next UK election, but they are still letting the heavens influence their thinking. Mr Blair clearly figures that a vote close to his 'solar return' will result in a nice birthday present. He's right. Of all the Thursdays in 2005, May 5 is his best bet. But it will still bring him a drastically reduced, eventually unmanageable majority.

Camilla and Charles comment

Camilla will never be Queen because Charles will never be King. He was born in London, England at 9.14pm on November 14, 1948. The very next day, several prominent astrologers drew up his chart and declared that the throne would never be his. I used to argue with them. 'He has free will,' I used to say. 'He can yet make choices that change his destiny.' Well, now it's clear. He has chosen his destiny.

FRIDAY March 25
Full Moon and Fertility Goddess Eostre

The Moon will be Full tonight, just before 9pm. That's why so many of us are having an intense time. If you need extra help, there's more advice in your brand new in-depth phone forecast. This particular Full Moon, by the way, is linked to an ancient fertility goddess called Eostre. Traditionally she is always accompanied by a hare. That's why we have Easter eggs... and bunnies.

Full Moon and religious Easter festivals

The Moon is Full. That's why it's Easter. This religious festival is one of many around the world that change their dates from year to year depending on the Moon. The timing of Easter is supposed to match the Jewish festival of Pesach or Passover. This year though, that won't occur till the next Full Moon. Instead, in 2005, Easter coincides with the festival of Purim which also remembers a 'lucky escape from death following a betrayal'. So does yet another Spring Full Moon celebration; the Hindu festival of Holi. This too, is based on the tale of a young man who was supposed to be killed for his deep religious faith... but who was miraculously saved from his fate at the last moment. The theme of 'escape from oppression' is echoed again in the legends of Eostre, the Celtic goddess of who gave her name to Easter. Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised. The story of spring itself is ultimately a tale of winter's death and the earth's rebirth.

THE MOON moves from Libra into Scorpio tomorrow at 6.29pm. On Tuesday it enters Sagittarius at 11.56pm where it stays until Friday at 3.48am when it moves into Capricorn.


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