Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

March 28th to April 2nd 2005

MONDAY March 28
Time is like a bicycle wheel

Over Easter, I got into a rather cosmic conversation with a chap called Tim. 'I think that watching time pass,' said my acquaintance, 'is like watching a bicycle wheel.' I asked him to explain. 'The rim of the wheel turns,' he said, 'but follow the spokes back to the centre and you'll see something that stays perfectly still. When WE become still,' he added, 'we find our own centre. That changes our relationship with time!'

TUESDAY March 29
Jupiter and Triple Conjunction

Jupiter is now gloriously bright in the early evening. That's auspicious for all with high hopes. Venus and Mercury meanwhile, are so close to the Sun that they are rising and setting at the same time as it does. This 'triple conjunction' though, is auspicious too. If you yearn for something special to happen soon... your wish has a fair chance of being granted!

Prince Charles comment

Several people have asked me to say more about why I feel Prince Charles will not become king. His horoscope shows him to be deeply idealistic and much misunderstood. It also reveals big 'issues' with his mother! She would never abdicate in favour of her offspring. He though, I predict, will yet decide to make such a gesture if only to prove that he is made of different stuff.

Politicians comment

Dear Jonathan,
You recently said you despair of politicians. But I admire the effort these people put into their jobs and think we should give them more support. Maybe then, they'll make better decisions.

Dear Priscilla,
You are right. Folk are always more inclined to grow cynical if they think nobody has faith in them. So I withdraw my remark. But I still predict a low turnout for the forthcoming UK general election!

FRIDAY April 1
April Fools' Day

It's April Fools' Day. I was briefly tempted to write a spoof prediction like "today, there will be no traffic jams anywhere in the world"... but then, I looked more closely at the cosmic climate. Too many people at the moment, face issues that are no laughing matter. Despite the tense mood though, Jupiter will soon form oppositions to the Sun, Venus and Mercury. This creates the real possiblity that tension will yet turn to triumph. Events later this weekend could yet bring us all a real reason to smile.

Sedna and Quaoar comment

Recently, we have found two tiny balls of rock in a distant part of the sky known as the Kuiper Belt. One is called Sedna and the other has the strange name of Quaoar. Some argue that these are too small to be proper planets but astrologers don't care about size. We just see them as important heralds of change. Experts now think this Kuiper Belt contains a 'cliff' - past which there's an unusual void. Could this be caused by a vast planet whose gravity is sweeping the area clean? We'll know in the next few years once a space programme starts looking in closer detail. I predict it will find something spine-tingling; our first real evidence of intelligent life on other worlds. Meanwhile, if you're still hunting for intelligent life here on earth, Mars and Jupiter form a helpful alignment soon. That bodes well for those with bright ideas and inspiring plans. THE MOON moves from Capricorn into Aquarius at 6.31am GMT tomorrow. On Tuesday it enters Pisces at 8.45am, where it will remain until 11.28am GMT on Thursday when it moves into Aries.


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