Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

May 9th to May 14th 2005

Bible Code email

According to the 'Bible Code' books, we are hurtling towards the 'end of days' in 2006. From watching the news, it would certainly seem that way. What is your prediction?

Dear Jacqui,
I can't remember a time when the news has NOT made it look as if the end is nigh! I can, though, remember advising people not to worry about a prophecy of doom in 1997 from Nostradamus. I remember, too, reassuring them when the same prophecy was 're-interpreted' to mean 1999. In 2007, they'll print a new edition of the Bible Code with its references to 2006 replaced by another year. And in 2013, we'll wonder why we were all so worried about the Mayan Calendar 'running out' in 2012.

Twins email

Hi Jonathan, My life is going well, but my twin sister's seems to be getting worse all the time. Why is this?
Thank you,

Dear Roberta,
Slight differences in birth time can account for some of the differences between twins but 'polarisation' also plays a part. To satisfy a need to feel 'individual', twins often unconsciously share out their character traits. They can't though, divide up the passing planetary influences. These are always similar for both. The contrast, therefore, must stem from a choice that she is making and you are not. Or vice versa!

Psychic Museum

Would you like to spend an hour and a half in an amazing old building, exploring your powers of telepathy, studying a giant real time, technicolour depiction of your aura, developing your hidden gift of telekineses, learning to control your brain waves and deepening your natural talent for clairvoyance?
If so... and if you can get to the ancient city of York in England, over the next few months, you may be able to grab one of a limited number of preview tour places at the world's first Psychic Museum. Tours, once the Museum is fully open, will cost at least 22 per person. During this preview period though, admission is 15. (If you can visit between Monday and Thursday and bring a friend, a double ticket is just 20!)
Tours run every day from June 1 - August 30, starting at 12pm and 3pm. To book by email; Remember to include your name, the number of tickets you want, your preferred date and time... PLUS A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER!
To book by phone; call 0800 138 9788 from within the UK or +44 1904 622864 if calling from anywhere else. Our booking line is only open during UK office hours but if you call at any other time and leave a number, we'll ring you back.

Stray dog and new born baby email

The other day, in my forecast, you stated, 'There's misery, suffering and selfishness here on earth but there's also kindness, hope and inspiration'. A few hours later, I read about the abandoned new-born baby in a Kenyan forest, who was carried to safety by a stray dog. There was all the inspiration I was looking for! We, both human and animals, are taught to hate. If left up to instinct, I prefer to believe we would all care for and about each other.

Numbers Twelve and Thirteen comment

Twelve is traditionally a number of 'completion'. The tribes of Israel, apostles, numbers on the clock face, signs of the zodiac. That's partly why thirteen - one beyond perfection - is associated with disruption. It is also because there are twelve months in a modern 'male' solar year and thirteen in a natural 'female' lunar year. Add this to the belief that Eve tempted Adam with the apple on a Friday and it looks as if Paraskevidekatriaphobia (fear of Friday 13th) is based almost entirely on sexism!

Mars / Uranus conjunction comment

Astrologers often seem to use stock phrases like, 'Look before you leap'; or 'Try not to overdo things; or 'Expect the unexpected'. I, though, try hard not to use such expressions. Why SHOULDN'T we leap before we look? We can miss real opportunities in life by by being too cautious. Isn't it also better to risk overdoing things than to underdo them and leave vital tasks half-finished? As for 'Expect the unexpected' - well, I ask you. What kind of a cop out is that? This week, Mars, the power planet, forms a conjunction to Uranus, the symbol of spontaneous change. Though some signs will be affected more than others there will be moments when we all experience strong sudden impulses, feel the urge to assert our power... or encounter surprising developments from out of the blue. So, er... don't forget to look before you leap, try not to overdo things and, er... um... expect the unexpected!


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