Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

October 31st to November 6th 2005

MONDAY October 31
Hallowe'en / Samhain comment

Easter conjures a picture of eggs and bunnies. Christmas triggers an image of trees and presents. Hallowe'en evokes pumpkins, witches and ghouls, all under a ghostly Full Moon. Tonight, though, the Moon is not full, it's 'almost new'. That's far more appropriate. Full Moons are materialistic. New Moons bring mystery and magic. The traditional festival of Samhain would once have been a floating feast, like Easter. The ancients would have timed it by the sky. They'd approve of the fact that this year, its modern equivalent is happening during the 'Dark of The Moon'.

TUESDAY November 1
All Souls' Day - Patric Walker comment

Traditionally, on this day of the year, we remember the famous great great souls whose lives set a positive example. I’d like to make special mention of Patric Walker, whose writings inspired me to study astrology. Patric would have been quick to point out that some of the greatest souls who ever lived were known to very few of us. I’ll be pausing privately, today, to send love and gratitude to all my friends and loved ones who have now passed on. If your thoughts are going in a similar direction... please know that my thoughts are with you.

WEDNESDAY November 2
Climate change email

Dear Jonathan,
What do you have to say about climate change and the awful situation some say we are facing?

Dear Seraphima,
Twenty years ago, only ‘cranks’ took this issue seriously. I predicted, then, that we’d all eventually wake up to the threat and would start to make dramatic adjustments. The first part of that forecast is slowly coming true. Will the second part happen in time? Well, as progress depends on enough people, all over the world, caring and worrying... I’m not going to answer lest it creates complacency.

THURSDAY November 3
Inflammatory comments from Iran email

Dear Jonathan, Inflammatory comments coming out of Iran are creating much cause for concern. What do the stars say? Kirsten Dear Kirsten, Mars is now almost dazzlingly bright in the night sky. There are two ways to interpret this. You can argue that our current close-up view of the war planet is helpfully giving us a closer look at the causes and consequences of conflict. In making itself so obvious, Mars is just “flushing out” hidden agression. Er... or you could just take the more traditional view... and see it as an inauspicious omen.

FRIDAY November 4
Mars comment

The world is rather like a hotel with a ‘table d’hote’ menu. We don’t get much choice and are rarely told what future meals will contain. Astrology lets us peek through the kitchen window. If we see a pile of potatoes, we can safely predict these will be served up soon. It’s harder to say, though, whether they will be chipped, mashed, boiled or sauteed. Mars, as I explained yesterday, is now dominant and prominent. Conflict, of some kind, will be on all our plates soon. But the cosmos is not necessarily cooking up a dish we can’t stomach.

SATURDAY November 5
Planets quiet this weekend

Weekend Forecast: The planets themselves are relatively quiet this weekend, which means that people who sincerely seek the resolution of conflict - or at least the ability to 'agree to differ' - are in with a chance of finding it.

SUNDAY November 6
Guy Fawkes comment

Your Week Ahead: FOUR hundred years ago this week, Guy Fawkes was summonsed before King James to explain what he had been doing the previous day in the cellar of Parliament. James was Cancerian. Guy was Taurean. These signs are compatible so they should have got on well; especially as Fawkes was handsome and, legend has it, King James was fond of guys! The King though, had an even shorter fuse than the one on that barrel of gunpowder. He sent Fawkes to the Tower, along with several other supposed conspirators including the great mathematician Thomas Harriot who was accused of calculating the King's horoscope for 'magical purposes'. Harriot was later set free. Some say Fawkes was a victim too. Did King James 're-write history' and punish an innocent man? Well, he went on to re-write the Bible. So it has to be a possibility!


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