Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

November 14th to November 20th 2005

MONDAY November 14
Personal consultations

People often ask if I offer personal consultations. Normally, I explain that, while I can provide a print-out or phone reading based on your exact birth details, I don't do private sessions. By the time I have written all those forecasts each week, there are no spare moments left! Children In Need, though, have persuaded me to make a special effort for charity this year... so I have put myself up for auction! If you'd like a one-to-one reading with me, you have until Thursday to make them an offer. Details are at (Star items).
Currently, the bidding is sitting at about £335 and I hope/suspect it will reach four figures before the auction ends.

If that's out of your price range, you may also like to know about the Sunday Symposium I am holding at the Psychic Museum this coming weekend. Here, I'll be meeting with a group of twelve people, all of whom will have a chance to discuss their charts with me as part of the session.

Though it is rather short notice, two more places have just become available for this rather special event. It seems, though, that an awful lot of people would like to attend. Rather, then, than offer these last two tickets to the first two people who call the museum, I have decided to give them away free to anyone who is due to attend one of our other special 'Sunday Symposiums'.

There are two of these events and they both have just a few places left. The first is on November 27 with Elaine Seymour, the person who taught me to read Tarot Cards, many years ago. The other, on December 11, is with the renowned healer, Ruth Kaye - to whom I have a very special connection.

You can find out more about both of these sessions on the museum website. If you book for either of these events (or if you have already booked for them) your name will be placed in a kind of mini-raffle. Two people will be picked at random and offered the chance to take the last remaining places on my astrology seminar. If, for any reason, they don't want to come or can't make the date at such short notice, we will pick more names at random until we fill the places.
So, if you'd like to meet me and have me look at your horoscope in person... and if you're willing to make a couple of short notice Sunday trips to the ancient city of York, click here for more details - or just call the Psychic Museum today (0800 138 9788) and book your place... while there's time.

TUESDAY November 15
Scorpios catching buses email

Hi Jonathan,
I'm a Scorpio and I always have trouble catching buses. When I arrive early, I find the bus has come earlier still. My friend hates catching the bus with me as we end up waiting ages, whereas when she is alone, she only has to wait a minute or two.

Dear Susan,
Not all Scorpios have this problem... but they do tend to find life frequently puts them in positions where they have to pause and reflect. Make more time for meditation elsewhere and the cosmos may become less inclined to create the opportunity for you!

WEDNESDAY November 16
Same forecast email query

Dear Jonathan,
I'm a Sagittarian and so is the man who has been my husband for thirty years. Now, we're getting divorced and I'm keen to know what the planets have in store for me. But every time I read my forecast, I realise I am reading his, too! HELP!

Dear Maggie,
The answer is simple. Read your own forecast. Ignore the fact that yours and his appear to be one and the same. If you are reading it 'for you' it will apply to you. And you'll be the one who benefits from the insight it contains.

THURSDAY November 17
Virgo and family sun signs email

I am a Virgo, divorcing a Libran. My Sagittarian daughter is going off the rails, my Piscean daughter can't make decisions. My Capricorn father only has months to live. My mother (Pisces) is in denial. I'm imploding. Help.

Dear Karen,
Sagittarians can't run on rails. Your daughter must find her own path. Pisceans handle decisions by postponing them. Hence your mother's determination to continue as normal. Your Capricorn dad can cope with anything, even this. Let the Libran go and he may yet come back. Virgos worry too much but in every other respect they're perfect. So relax.

FRIDAY November 18
Mars and Full Moon comment

Earlier this week, Mars and the Full Moon were spectacularly close. The Moon has moved on but Mars remains brilliant in much the same position. The annual Leonid meteor shower means there may also be shooting stars for us to wish on this weekend. Weather permitting, Saturn should be visible late each night, exactly 90 degrees from Mars. With this, it's not so much the sky we need to watch... as the world around us. When the planet of determination forms a right angle to the planet of limitation, some people start looking at problems from the wrong angle.

SATURDAY November 19
No Thought for the Day

Weekend Forecast: No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY November 20
Cosmic Clock comment

Your Week Ahead: People often ask me how balls of rock and gas, millions of miles from Earth, can possibly have an influence on our daily lives? You may as well ask how the clock on the kitchen wall manages to rule your existence. It doesn't pull you like a puppet on some invisible string. Nor does it create some subtle gravitational pull, it simply tells you, when you look to see where the hands are, whether it is time to be getting ready for breakfast, lunch, tea or bed. The cosmic clock serves a similar purpose. It has more hands... and some of these take years to get round the dial - but when you know how to read it, it tells you what kind of time is coming up. Next month, for example, it will be 'Jupiter past Saturn'. These two planets only form a right angle twice every 12 years or so, but in the weeks just before their alignment becomes complete, most folk tend to feel very strongly that it's 'time for justice to be done'.


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