Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

October 3rd to October 9th 2005

MONDAY October 3
Jonathan's Eclipse comment

This morning, in Britain, the sky may grow dark. There will be a partial solar eclipse. In parts of Europe it will be total, annular and very spectacular. But unless you have special viewing equipment, it is essential that you do not try to watch it. Even a brief glimpse could damage your eyes. Happily though, you do not need to see it in order to benefit from the influence. Today, you can read what Eric Francis has to say about this rare event. Eric, the creator of internet magazine,, is sitting in until Jonathan Cainer returns on Wednesday.

TUESDAY October 4
Eclipses - Eric Francis, Guest Astrologer

Eric writes: Though cloud cover prevented most people from watching yesterday's Solar eclipse, the Earth, Sun and Moon will remain in their unusual alignment for a further two weeks. Today, the Moon will eclipse Mercury and soon, there will be a powerful Lunar eclipse.

International Convention of Astrologers

It wasn’t so much a holiday as a ‘busy break’. A change, though, is often as good as a rest and I very much enjoyed my few days off. Thanks to Eric Francis who held the fort so well in my absence, I managed to attend an international convention of astrologers. I sat in on a masterclass, attended fascinating lectures and swapped notes with over 500 colleagues from around the world. I’m now buzzing with new insights into the coming cosmic climate. You’ll hear (much) more from me on this topic soon.

THURSDAY October 6
Same sun sign forecast query

Hi Jonathan,
My friend and I are both Scorpios and we read your horoscope daily. I always find though, that it applies to my friend and not me. Why?

Dear Helen,
Scorpios are famously empathetic. Are you, I wonder, allowing your closeness to let you live a part of your life ‘vicariously’ through her experience? I’m not suggesting there’s anything wrong with this friendship but I do suspect that, if the two of you ever drifted apart, you’d relate more easily to the Scorpio forecast as your own.

FRIDAY October 7
Venus and Mercury comment

The planets, as they wander through the zodiac, are a bit like travelling salespeople. Every so often, they set up shop in a different sign; freely offering their wares to the locals and requiring the rest of us to seek them out in their new locations. This weekend, two planets will be checking-in to different heavenly hotels. First, Venus moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius. Then, a few hours later, Mercury moves from Libra into Scorpio.

SATURDAY October 8
Sun, Earth and Moon Alignment

Weekend Forecast: Last week's Solar eclipse opened a door. Next week's Lunar eclipse will close it. Meanwhile, the Sun, Earth and Moon remain in an unusually close alignment. No matter what sign you are, if you're looking for something that once seemed impossible - or you're trying to find a way through to a better, brighter future, there's now a pathway you can find and follow.

SUNDAY October 9
Sun sign forecast comment

Your Week Ahead: In my daily column I have recently been answering questions about rising signs, moon signs and other astrological influences. Even if you know which other zodiac signs figure prominently in your birth chart, you shouldn't read more than one forecast for yourself each day. Or so I keep saying. My mailbag tells me that some readers remain unconvinced... so here's an analogy to mull over this weekend. Imagine please, that I am a solo saxophonist playing you the tune of your day. In an ideal world, there would be chords and rhythms to accompany the piece. I can't though, add the rest of the orchestra to my performance... and you can't invoke it by trying to force my instrument to give you two or more notes at once. One day, I'll find a way to bring in the band. Meanwhile, at least when the basic melody is all you can hear, it becomes easier for you to carry on humming it to yourself!


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