Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

October 10th to October 16th 2005

MONDAY October 10
Heavenly drama and earthly trauma comment

'With hue like that when some great painter dips
His pencil in the gloom of earthquake and eclipse.'

The poet, Shelley, was not the first person to see a link between heavenly drama and earthly trauma. Astrologers have long recognised the link. There's little point, though, in vaguely predicting such activity. Whether a forecast is scientific or mystical, it must be specific if it is to be useful. Just as seismologists are continually striving to be more accurate, astrologers are equally determined to crack the cosmic code that covers this connection.

TUESDAY October 11
Astrological Signs email

Dear Jonathan,
The astrological signs we associate with the different star formations do not actually exist. They are an illusion; a 2-D view of the heavens as they appear from earth. In reality those stars are not associated with each other at all. What do you have to say about this?

Dear Samir,
The chair you are currently sitting on is made of countless, tiny moving atoms that merely combine, temporarily, to create something that seems like a chair from a very limited perspective! Er... is that a good reason to stop sitting on it?

WEDNESDAY October 12
Bird Flu email

Hi Jonathan,
Is the bird flu pandemic going to hit? I get terrified every time I read the news because I am so worried that it will cross into humans and I fear for my young children and elderly parents. What are your thoughts on this please?
Thank you.
David, Manchester

Dear David,
There’s always something in the news that can terrify us if we let it. Bird Flu is not going to be a problem on anywhere near the scale that some folk now fear. Nor, though, is it an entirely false alarm.

THURSDAY October 13
Same Colours email

Dear Jonathan,
I work for a company with many employees. Today, I met a friend for lunch. We both had on bright pink tops. We laughed when we looked around and saw how many people were wearing a similar shade. Does some heavenly factor influence us all in the morning when we are deciding what to wear? Patty

Dear Patty,
Days definitely have different moods and hues. Sometimes, they are so strong that we all sense this. I’m occasionally tempted to declare a ‘colour of the day’... but I don’t want to get into trouble with the fashion police!

FRIDAY October 14
Planets Line Up email

Dear Jonathan,
Do all the planets ever line up in the same sign at the same time... and what does it mean when they do?

Dear Dan,
It happens roughly once every millenium and a half. Back in May 2000, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Sun and the Moon all gathered in Taurus at once. It ‘meant’ the start of an amazing new era for the whole world. You haven’t seen much sign of this yet? Be patient. We’re still only five years into a 1,500 year long journey!

SATURDAY October 15
Eclipse Down Undercomment

Weekend Forecast: 'As above, So below'. That's what the ancients believed... and modern astrologers agree. What does it mean, though, when a lunar eclipse takes place up above Down Under!? This week's big celestial event is visible from Australia but not from Britain. It will, though, have a powerful impact on us all. Watch out in your life now for something that echoes the heavenly process by almost fading away... but then returns, revived and renewed.

SUNDAY October 16
Lunar Eclipse comment

Your Week Ahead: Two weeks ago, a partial solar eclipse took place above Britain. Hardly anyone saw it, though, because it happened on a cloudy day. This week brings a Lunar eclipse which, once again, we won’t be able to see. It happens at the wrong time of day for us... though the Australians will get a good view of it. Eclipses affect us just as powerfully whether we can see them or not. They occur only under very special circumstances when the planets are lined up in ‘three dimensions’ instead of the usual two. The ancients didn’t necessarily understand this convergence of celestial latitude and longitude... but they did know something that, today, most folk have forgotten. ‘When eclipses are possible in the sky, miracles are possible here on earth.’ That remains as true today as it ever was... as you may just see for yourself, this week.


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