Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

October 17th to October 23rd 2005

MONDAY October 17
Matching Twin Eclipse comment

There’s going to be a partial Lunar eclipse this afternoon. It won’t be visible from Britain but it should look impressive from Australia where it is already night. It is the ‘matching twin’ of a solar eclipse that took place over Britain two weeks ago. That one ‘opened a heavenly window’ and allowed us all to contemplate major change. Today’s eclipse marks the end of that phase. Soon, life either ‘gets back to normal’ or it really starts to move on. Which will it be for you? The answer rather depends on what you now most deeply desire.

TUESDAY October 18
Lottery email

Hello Jonathan,
I bought a lottery ticket because I read it was a lucky day for Geminis. Then I thought, ‘Is the lucky day the day I buy the ticket... or the day of the lottery itself?’ Should I make sure I buy the ticket on the day it is drawn, making it difficult to align my luck with the lottery?

Dear Andrew,
Only a Gemini could ask such a question in such a way! NO day is ever lucky enough to guarantee you a big lottery win. For that, you need more than luck... you need a miracle.

WEDNESDAY October 19
Bird Flu comment

Last week, I said, ‘Bird Flu is not going to be a problem on anywhere near the scale that some folk fear.’ I still stand by this. A related contagious ‘disease’, though, is already among us. We get exposed to it every time we turn on the news. It doesn’t have an official name, but it ought to be called ‘Pandemic Paranoia’. Rather like ‘Recession Fever’ it spreads by word of mouth and becomes a reality once enough people start expecting it. There’s just one difference. You can’t actually get ill from worrying about getting ill. Or... er... can you?

THURSDAY October 20
New Moon Wish email

Dear Jonathan,
Is there any way to take back a wish made on the New Moon? I recently made a request to the universe, not knowing my situation was about to alter, making the opposite desirable.

Dear Martin,
New Moons make you more meditative. They help you ‘hear’ the universe. The universe though, needs no such help to hear you. It is a part of you just as you are a part of it. If you ever want its immediate assistance, humbly ask the wisest, deepest part of yourself to show you what it knows.. and needs.

FRIDAY October 21
Sun / Jupiter Conjunction comment

Mars is now wonderfully bright each night. Venus is visible just after Sunset and Saturn too, can be seen in the early hours. Jupiter though, is now going down (and coming up) around the same time as the Sun so it is being ‘hidden’ by that much brighter light. A Sun/Jupiter conjunction though, is a most auspicious event. We get one every year, roughly around this time. It always coincides with a fresh burst of hope, energy and inspiration. No matter what’s lately been dampening your spirits, you should find something lifts them back up this weekend.

SATURDAY October 22
Jupiter comment

Weekend Forecast: You can't see Jupiter in the sky right now - because it is far too close to the Sun. The two are going down at the same time... and coming up together as well. So whenever you see the Sun this weekend, be aware that the Planet of good fortune is shining beside it. And smile. There's happy magic in the air.

SUNDAY October 23
Jupiter enters Scorpio

Your Week Ahead: On Wednesday, at 3.52am GMT, Jupiter enters Scorpio. It remains there until November 2006. If you want some idea of how things may alter, think back to the time between November 1993 - December 1994. That's when the world last came under this influence. Theoretically, this will most affect Scorpios, Sagittarians and Pisceans (the latter two signs are traditionally ruled by Jupiter). We are ALL though, sensitive to some extent. The folk most likely to notice an immediate dramatic difference are the ones who were born during previous visits of Jupiter to Scorpio. Prepare for a phase of growth and inspiration if you arrived on earth between; November 1981 and December 1982, June - September 1971, December 1969 - May 1971, April - October 1959, September 1958 - February 1959, January - March 1958, October 1946 - October 1947, October 1934 - November 1935 or November 1922 - November 1923.


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