Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

October 24th to October 30th 2005

MONDAY October 24
'General Anxiety' news email

Dear Jonathan,
You recently asked whether worrying can make you ill. As a homeopath, I know that even small concerns can reduce vitality. When I see clients with ‘general anxiety’ I often find they have been soaking up fear from the news. I advise elderly patients to limit their intake of radio, TV and press but they, sadly, have most time to listen, watch and read.

Dear Cathy,
We should all remember that journalists have to trawl the world to collect the worrying stories we hear each day. If bad news was really commonplace, it wouldn’t be newsworthy!

TUESDAY October 25
Afterlife email query

Dear Jonathan,
Are souls in the afterlife still affected by the same astrological influences they were subject to before death?

Dear AG,
The ‘afterlife’, whatever it is, must be much the same as the ‘before-life’. As you can’t have a birthchart before you arrive on earth, how can you have one after you leave? Especially as ‘before’ and ‘after’ are concepts that apply to the passage of time. The afterlife is eternal so it must be a realm where time does not exist. Which means... er... I think I need to go and lie down now.

WEDNESDAY October 26
Jupiter enters Scorpio comment

Early this morning, Jupiter slipped into Scorpio. It hasn’t been in this part of the sky since 1993-94 but it will now remain in the sign of the eagle till November 2006. The sign of the eagle? Well, Scorpio has a strong association with this noble bird, and Jupiter is all about exploring your higher nature. I have long wanted to get Scorpios a ‘better press’. This is a good time to relaunch that campaign! It’s also a good time for all to be honest about taboo topics, sensitive subjects or secrets that need no longer be hidden.

THURSDAY October 27
Measuring time email query

Dear Jonathan,
Clocks don't really measure time, they measure space and revolutions. Time is measurable by the speed of light. Light is not bound by our idea of time. So do astrologers measure space or time?

Dear Fiona,
Crikey. What a question. Er... OK. Try this. We measure them both in the conventional sense... but then we seek to see beyond the limitations of each. When we recognise their relativity, we reveal their irrelevance and release rewarding revelations.

FRIDAY October 28
Mars comment

Mars, this weekend, is eight million miles further from the Earth than it was in 2003, when it made its closest-ever approach. It is, though, still much nearer than usual and is shining brightly all night. Tradition teaches us that when people make commitments while the planet of ambition is prominent and dominant, they stick with them. If you are contemplating a brave choice and want to know whether this is the right time, your new in-depth forecast will help you to decide.

SATURDAY October 29
Defy the laws of time comment

Weekend Forecast: Easter was once the Celtic festival of Ostara. Christmas was once Yule. And Hallowe'en was once Samhain (pronounced Sah-win). To a surprising extent, it still is! People continue to dress up, play tricks... and knock on neighbours' doors for treats. We remain fascinated with ghosts and spooks and we even still 'defy the laws of time'... by putting the clocks back!

SUNDAY October 30
Hallow E'n comment

Your Week Ahead: In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III decreed that All Saints' Day should be moved from May 13th to November 1. The following day would be Hallow Tide. The evening preceeding this was All Hallow E'en; chosen to coincide with the three day Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced Sah-win) - an event as important as Ostara (now Easter) and Yule (now Christmas). During Samhain, the laws of time were 'challenged' as were most laws of polite behaviour. People dressed up and played tricks while children knocked on neighbours' doors for treats. It was believed to be a time when the living and the dead could communicate, the future could be seen and hidden spirits of nature would reveal themselves. Soon, we'll be honouring the old traditions once more. We'll even be 'playing with time' by putting back the clocks. For good measure, Mars will be exceptionally bright against a sky made dark by the absence of the Moon.


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