Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

September 12th to September 18th 2005

MONDAY September 12
Sun Sign Cusp comment

Picking up where we left off last week, there's another reason why some people read more than one forecast. Different astrologers confusingly give slightly different dates for the start and end of each sign. If you were born near one of these dates, you may suspect you are a 'hybrid' of two signs. Really, though, you are not! Though the influence of all twelve signs will be acting on you to some greater or lesser extent... you have only one Sun Sign... no matter how close to the cusp you were born. To establish what sign the sun was in at the exact moment when you entered the world... and, therefore, which prediction you should definitely be reading for yourself each day... click here.

TUESDAY September 13
Same birthdays email

Hi Jonathan,
My friend and I were both born on January 25, 1976 at around 11am but I was born in Scotland and she was born in New Zealand. Do our horoscopes differ?
Regards, Jen

Dear Jen,
New Zealand is half a day ahead - so, though most of your planets are in similar positions, the Moon moved quite a distance in that time. It forms a tense angle to Saturn in your friendís chart but not in yours, so I expect she is much more self-critical than you are.

WEDNESDAY September 14
Eclipse on 3rd October

On the morning of Monday October 3, in some parts of Spain, Portugal and Africa, the Sun will form a glorious ring around the Moon as the Moon passes right in front of it. Britain will only get a partial solar eclipse but it will still be impressive. Why am I mentioning this now? Because if you want to be able to actually look at this amazing event, you will have to get yourself a pair of special eclipse glasses. These are not expensive but they are rarely sold in shops so you need to order them. A quick internet search should point you in the right direction. When I did one, it led me to where, at the moment at least, there are still some in stock.

THURSDAY September 15
NASA rocket and Marina Bai court case

In January this year, NASA fired a rocket into space. As planned, it collided with a comet on July 4. We still donít know whether this has nudged the comet into a new orbit. A Russian astrologer called Marina Bai wants the Americans to stop treating the solar system like a giant pinball machine, and is suing them for disrupting the cosmos. The hearing finally started in Moscow yesterday. She wonít win it. But she has my support.

FRIDAY September 16
Rising Sign forecasts email query

Dear Jonathan,
You say we should only read one forecast each day... so why do other astrologers actively encourage people to read their rising sign as well as their sun sign?

Dear Helvia, All twelve signs Ďrise over the horizoní at some point each day. People born around dawn have the same rising sign as sun sign. For the rest of us, the two are different. But even if you know your rising sign, it only describes Ďthe way that you come acrossí to others. My forecasts are not about your image. They are about the real you!

SATURDAY September 17
Full Moon comment

Weekend Forecast: Life always gets a little more intense when the Moon is nearly Full. Good times become more exciting, problems seem more troublesome. Passions generally, get blown out of proportion - which is good for lovers who want to plight their troth and not so good for those who are trying to keep the peace between enemies. This Full Moon culminates in the early hours of Sunday morning. It's going to be a wild Saturday night for many folk... so tread carefully.

SUNDAY September 18
Void of Course Moon email

Your Week Ahead:
Dear Jonathan,
I am studying astrology and I keep hearing about the "Void of Course Moon". I have tried for over a year to understand this but I just can't seem to grasp it fully.

Dear Jane,
I know how you feel. After three decades, I'm still not sure what I think of this tradition. A 'void of course Moon' occurs whenever the Moon enters a new zodiac sign. Supposedly, from the moment it completes its last alignment in the old sign till the moment it enters the 'new' sign, "nothing will come" of any decision you make. In my experience though, this is not always true. Why not experiment for yourself this week? The Moon is void tomorrow between 2.02am and 9.44 am, between 10.37pm Monday and 11.48am Tuesday, and on Thursday between 4.42pm and 5.08pm


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