Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

September 19th to September 25th 2005

MONDAY September 19
Solar Flarers comment

As well as a Full Moon, which always tends to bring incidents, upsets and dramas, the last few days have brought a series of exceptional solar flares. Scientists freely acknowledge the havoc that these can cause to electrical machines and radio controlled devices but many astrologers are quite sure they have a similar effect on humans. The Moon is waxing now and, though there could be one last powerful emission today, the worst of this storm on the sun is probably over. So, if you've been through a lot lately, cheer up. Calmer times lie ahead.

TUESDAY September 20
Sun sign query email

Dear Jonathan,
Last week you said, ‘Your Sun sign describes the real you.’ I thought my Moon sign was supposed to do that.

Dear Helene,
I apologise for oversimplifying my explanation. In reality, astrology is more complicated. It has to be... because our personalities are like gems with many facets. The Moon in your chart describes your emotional make-up. The Sun describes your ‘sense of self’. But I still maintain that here on this page, we are doing Sun sign astrology. We have only one sun sign so we should only read one forecast!

WEDNESDAY September 21
Solar Eclipse Email

Dear Jonathan,
My friend is travelling to Madrid to see the rare solar eclipse on October 3. Will she feel the influence more strongly there?

Dear Lorna,
In Britain, the eclipse will only be partial but that won’t make it any less powerful. Even in Australia, where it can’t be seen at all, people will still encounter exciting new possiblities when the eclipse occurs. Those opportunities won’t increase if you wear a pair of special glasses and actually watch the event. Doing this though, may help you remain aware of how miraculous the world can sometimes be!

THURSDAY September 22
Autumn Equinox

Seasons greetings! Today is the equinox - one of the two days each year when day and night are of equal length. At 22.23 GMT (11.23pm British Summertime) the Sun will align with the point where the equator meets the ecliptic. At the same moment it will enter the zodiac sign of Libra. We have reached a turning point in the cosmic calendar. If you’ve got a resolution to make or a dream you want to pursue, this is an excellent time to put it into practice... regardless of what sign you were born under.

FRIDAY September 23
Email forecasts query

Dear Jonathan,
Do the signs ‘take it in turns’ to go through phases of difficulty or opportunity? Might, for example, my Leo prediction today be appropriate for a Libran in the future?

Dear Esther,
It might... or it might not. Sometimes when there’s a bout of flu going round, one group will be just getting better as another lot start to go down with it. But a further group may be entirely immune! Even when a heavenly influence IS due to affect us all over time, different signs respond in different ways and usually need different advice.

SATURDAY September 24
Solar Eclipse comment

Weekend Forecast: Are you ready for the grand solar eclipse on October 3? Though it will be only partial in Britain, it will produce an amazing ring of solar fire around the Moon in parts of Spain and Portugal. Madrid is probably the best place to head for if you can find a cheap flight. Whether you go or just stay here, you'll need a pair of special eclipse glasses or you won't be able to see anything! If you hunt them down on the internet this weekend, you should just have enough time to get a pair sent to you.

SUNDAY September 25
Solar Eclipse - Part 2

Your Week Ahead: Normally, I tell you about heavenly happenings in the coming week. Today, though, I want to give advance notice of a rare solar eclipse on Monday, October 3. In some parts of Europe and Africa, it will culminate in a bright ring of sunlight around a jet black moon. In Britain, it will only be partial but it will still be impressive. If, though, you try to see it without proper eye protection, you may blind yourself. Sunglasses won't help... you'll need a welder's helmet... or proper eclipse glasses... or one of those funny pinhole projectors that some people make in science projects. Is it worth the effort? Yes. It's even worth a cheap last-minute flight to Spain, as long as you've got the eye gear. Be aware, though, that the days just prior to an eclipse are often strangely tense. So, if a mood of apprehension sweeps over you soon, don't worry. It won't last long.


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