Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

September 26th to October 2nd 2005

MONDAY September 26
Is Astrology an Art or a Science comment

I am often asked whether astrology is an art or a science. Actually, it's a belief system. It's a way of reading meaning into the patterns made by planets in the sky. It 'assumes' that they are not just formed at random. We astrologers see those alignments as 'hands' on a complicated timepiece. When, for example, an ordinary clock tells us it is 6am, we know it will soon be time for breakfast. When we apply ancient rules of interpretation to the cosmic clock, we can tell 'what it will soon be time for' all over the earth.

TUESDAY September 27
Eric Francis writing the forecasts comment

Over the next few days, Iíll be taking a brief break from this page while I start work on the long-range forecasts for 2006. My highly-esteemed colleague, Eric Francis, will be writing your daily forecasts from tomorrow. Iíll be back as usual on this page with your weekend forecast on Saturday - and then your week ahead forecast on Sunday... but I shall then be handing the predictions over to Eric again for Monday and Tuesday of next week.

WEDNESDAY September 28
Eclipse in Libra comment - Eric Francis Guest Astrologer

An eclipse of the Sun is approaching on Monday in Libra, sign of balance. The eclipse pushes this particular issue to the forefront. Our world, our lives, and often our relationships typically exist in a state of being out of balance - and the events of the next week, though they may be strange, will surely help restore a state of equilibrium.

THURSDAY September 22
Eclipses comment - Eric Francis Guest Astrologer

Since my earliest days studying astrology, eclipses got my undivided attention. If you think of the astrological system as a computer, eclipses are those moments when the divine disk drive writes new code to the magnetic surface of life. There is, at the same time, the possibility to erase certain ideas and influences for good. How do you do this? Work with intentions, and express those intentions by choice and especially action.

FRIDAY September 23
Effects of Eclipses comment - Eric Francis Guest Astrologer

Eric writes: The days before eclipses can be pensive and stressful, and many people who are aware of them wait impatiently to see what will happen. But what do you want to happen? Eclipses are moments when the power of manifestation is enhanced greatly. Take some of the power into your own hands and, working gently, begin to shape your world your way. This process may start with a single decision.

SATURDAY October 1

Weekend Forecast: On the morning of Monday October 3, there will be a rare, glorious partial solar eclipse. Don't try to watch it. You'll damage your eyes unless you have special glasses (ordinary sunshades won't protect you, even if they have expensive lenses and are designed by Armani). Do, though, prepare for an exciting time ahead. The world changes in some small way, every time an eclipse occurs. This time, it may be about to alter in a big way.

SUNDAY October 2
Eclipse - Part 2

Your Week Ahead: On Monday morning, a while after it gets light, it will get dark again - due to a partial eclipse of the Sun. If you have a special 'eclipse viewer' or can borrow a welder's helmet, you can watch this, If not, don't even glimpse at it. Ordinary sunglasses, no matter how strong or expensive will not protect your eyes. Happily, you don't have to see the event in order to be influenced by it. This alignment of the Sun and Moon will affect us all, regardless of where we are or what we happen to be doing at the time. It represents a chance to move something on and set out on a new journey through the next few months... without being encumbered by some old bad habit or lingering difficulty. Eclipses are an omen of imminent transformation. Specifically, they represent 'regime changes or shifting power structures'. In your forecast this week, I explain how different things could become for you soon.


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