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April 3rd to April 9th 2006

MONDAY April 3
'Personal reading' email

Dear Jonathan,
In a recent TV show, Derren Brown gave lots of people a 'personal reading'. They all said it was accurate. Yet he actually told them all exactly the same thing! How do I know that you aren't performing a similar trick?

Dear Judy,
In every theme park, there are simulators that can make you feel exactly as if you are inside a fast vehicle, hurtling through the air! In every theatre, there are talented actors, brilliantly feigning intense emotions. We should never assume, just because something can be convincingly faked, that the real thing does not exist!

Saturn comment

Planets don't really travel backwards. Nor do they ever stand still. Why then, does it sometimes look as if this is what's happening? Because we too, live on a planet. Our movements affect the way we see the movements of those other heavenly objects. OK. Now that's clear... Saturn is currently 'stationary!' Saturn governs restriction and limitation. No matter what sign you are, you'll soon get a chance to stop and see new ways to get past old obstacles. Soon, it will be possible to make progress in areas where everything has been seemingly going in the wrong direction!

Planets Stationary, Retrograde and Saturn

'Planets do manifest greater and worser evils when they are Stationary, than when Retrograde.' So said William Lilly, the 17th century astrologer. I don't disagree, though I'd argue with the choice of language. Planets make their influence felt most strongly when they appear to be standing still. Saturn has been stationary over the past few days. A lot of people have been feeling low, lacking in energy; frustrated, impeded or as if its 'all a bit pointless'. Soon though, as the planet of restriction starts moving again, that mood will be replaced by a real sense of fresh energy.

'Cosmic Ordering'

Several people have asked me if I know about the “Cosmic Ordering” system that is much in the news at the moment. I'm not familiar with the book by Barbel Mohr but I certainly recognise the principles. If you've been following my predictions for any length of time, I'm sure you will recognise them too. I continually stress that. regardless of what's going on in the sky, when you ask the universe, clearly, positively yet humbly for anything... the universe will always do what it can to supply this. There's just one potential drawback... as I shall explain, tomorrow.

FRIDAY April 7
'Cosmic Ordering'- Part 2

Some people call it 'positive thinking'. Others call it 'creative visualisation'.
In some cultures, they call it 'prayer'. In others, it is referred to as the 'casting of spells'. One way or another, throughout history, people have been asking 'the universe' to help them attain their aims. Many have found 'the universe' surprisingly obliging. The latest term for this is 'Cosmic Ordering'. A British TV presenter's enthusiasm for this philosophy has recently been brought to the attention of the media.
Does 'Cosmic Ordering' work? Yes.
It would seem that it doesn't much matter what you call it... or how you practise it. As long as you believe in something... as long you affirm that belief to yourself, as long as that belief is deep and strong, it is likely to have a very powerful impact.
Is there anything wrong with this?
Well, obviously, those who deeply believe that their own particular deities or principles are the only 'right' ones can feel offended by the fact that others seemingly send their requests for help in other directions.
This can lead to conflict.
So too, can a passionate, heartfelt 'request' for one particular result.... when someone else is striving equally hard to accomplish the very opposite.
In an attempt to gain a competitive edge, people have long sought more powerful deities to pray to... or more successful ways to persuade those powers to assist them.
This, to some extent, is where astrology traditionally comes in.
The universe is 'always listening' and can always respond to a humble, heartfelt request... especially if it is pure in motive.
There are, though, times when it's much harder or easier to strike up 'communication' with the cosmos.
When certain stars are shining... or when particular alignments are being formed, even a casual request can be heard and granted by an almost 'over-responsive' sky.
That's why there are times when we have to be very careful what we wish for.
We all think we know what we want... but our ideas are often misguided...
If we were really wise, we'd wish for one thing... and one thing only: The deep discrimination necessary to know what it is that we really ought to be asking the universe for!

Full Moon

Watch out, this week, for the LIBRANS! The Full Moon in their sign is making them a force to be reckoned with. It's a dramatic week, too, for all born under ARIES, CANCER and LEO. At Full Moon, the world always goes a little crazy. If you are hoping for a quiet week, you had better not talk to anyone!

SUNDAY April 9
How does Astrology really work?

Your Week Ahead:

'How does Astrology really work?' I am often asked this question... and I always have to reply that 'I don't really know!' My predecessors believed an invisible physical force linked the sky to the earth. They were right in one way. We now know that both the Sun and Moon exert a gravitational pull on us. The experts, though, tell us that the planets are too small and distant to have such an effect. Or at least, that's what they used to say. New discoveries are now obliging them to think again. Why, though, should it matter whether the connection is 'physical' or 'symbolic'? To me, all that matters is, as the psychologist Carl Jung once said, that 'We are born at a given moment in a given place and like vintage years of wine we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.'


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