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April 10th to April 16th 2006

MONDAY April 10
Cosmic Ordering - Part 3

On Friday, I appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today programme. We had a good chat about 'Cosmic Ordering' but, as we had to stop for the news we didn't get around to discussing, 'What happens if you ask the universe to do something bad to someone else?' or 'What if you ask for exactly what someone else is also asking for... but there's only one to be had?' Over the next few weeks, I'll address these questions here on this page. I'll also be talking about this fascinating topic on ITV at 10.30am this morning on... er, 'This Morning'.

TUESDAY April 11
Cosmic Ordering - Part 4

Hello Jonathan,
If I am asking the universe to help me, do I have to be outside or can I be inside? In the past I have looked up to the sky but I must be doing it wrong because I have never had my request granted.

Dear Caroline,
There's no such thing as doing it wrong. You simply have to ask in a way that feels right to you. Maybe, though, there's something inappropriate about what you are requesting... or why you want it. I'll say more, soon, about how to get best results from 'Cosmic Ordering'.

Cosmic Ordering - Part 5

Hello Jonathan,
Yesterday, I asked why 'cosmic ordering' wasn't working for me. You printed my letter and wondered if I was asking for something inappropriate. Here's my story: I have fallen out with my friend. Now, he won't answer the phone. I miss his friendship. All I'm wishing for is a call from him.
Caroline (by e-mail).

Dear Caroline,
Your wish may or may not be inappropriate, but it is certainly a TALL order! It potentially asks the cosmos to overrule your friend's free will. Try asking, instead, for insight into the best way to reach out to him.

Cosmic Order / Full Moon in Libra

Are there good and bad times to put in a 'Cosmic Order?' Some say that it doesn't much matter as long as your request is sincere and unselfish. In my experience, though, it's not just the ocean tides that wax and wane with the Moon. Other subtle forces also flow more easily at different points in the lunar cycle. Tonight, for example, brings a powerful Full Moon in Libra. That makes it a fine time to make a simple, heartfelt wish... though you should first weigh up, very carefully, exactly what it is that you want to wish for.

FRIDAY April 14
Cosmic Ordering - Part 6

Hi Jonathan,
Cosmic Ordering has never worked for me. I am single, 39, and have never had a decent lasting romantic relationship. So why, despite 20 years of asking, begging, demanding and pleading with the universe have I been denied a husband?

Dear Michele,
Asking is fine. Begging, demanding and pleading though, suggests desperation. The universe may not mind you feeling this way... but the potential partners it keeps sending your way may sense this and be put off by it! Keep your request open but be more relaxed about how and when it is going to be fulfilled.

Sun, Mars and Mercury comment

This week, the Sun moves into TAURUS which is good for all born under the sign of the bull. Mars, meanwhile, enters the sign of the crab, bringing exciting new energy to the lives of CANCERIANS. And Mercury enters ARIES. If you're born under the sign of the Ram, this week you finally start to see how to get what you need.

SUNDAY April 16
Moon and tides email

Your Week Ahead: I have heard that the moon is gradually moving away from us, How soon will this affect the tides? Best wishes,

Dear Michelle,
The Moon IS moving away from the earth but only at the rate of about an inch a year. We won't see much of a difference for at least another 50,000 years or so. Interestingly, it's the tidal patterns of our oceans that are causing this gradual separation! The gravitational relationship between the Moon and the Sun is rather like a complicated dance involving two highly sensitive participants. The slightest wobble in one causes a reaction in the other! By and large though, these wobbles cancel each other out.


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