Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

April 17th to April 23rd 2006

MONDAY April 17
Cosmic Ordering - Part 7

I've got a lot to say about what some people now call 'Cosmic Ordering.” The name is new but this is a topic that I have been researching for decades! Later this week, I'll explain more about the things it's unwise to ask the cosmos for... and the things that are surprisingly easy to attain. Meanwhile, I've begun each of today's predictions with a quote about 'the universe'. I have carefully chosen the most appropriate comment for each zodiac sign... but if you're looking for inspiration, you may like to peruse the first few words of all today's predictions.

TUESDAY April 18
Cosmic Ordering - Part 8

Dear Jonathan,
As a psychotherapist, I think 'Cosmic Ordering' simply panders to people who do not have the internal strength to accept that what you get out of life is directly proportional to what you put into it. It's essential to know what you want and then decide how you are going to TRY to get it. Failure is an option. Sitting back and waiting for the cosmos to bring things to you, isn't.

Dear Stephen,
I agree that effort is important. But it is important too, to trust that the cosmos is (largely) 'on your side'.

Cosmic Ordering - Part 9

Dear Jonathan,
You are normally quick to play with words yet you have not remarked on the dual meaning of "Cosmic Ordering". When I first came across the phrase, I did not read it as "ordering from the cosmos" but as "aligning with the Cosmic Order".

Dear Stacy,
You're right. One meaning seems too demanding and the other, too military. I have been keeping quiet because I prefer not to express a criticism until I can see a constructive alternative. If anyone can think of a better name for “asking the universe for help”, please write in.

Cosmic Ordering - Part 10

What if you have a terrible illness? Can you just 'ask the universe' for a miracle cure? What if you have a depressingly difficult situation to contend with? Can you you simply 'order up' a trouble-free transformation? Well, you can ask, but... by making your request as reasonable as possible, you're much more likely to get a quick, pleasing result. If, for example, you ask for insight, tolerance, understanding and the ability to feel OK... the universe is pretty much obliged to help you! Once it does, you are then in a much better position to help yourself.

FRIDAY April 21
Cosmic Ordering - Part 11

Dear Jonathan,
I sang in a college chorus once. 150 of us were trying to sing 'Dona Nobis Pacem', which is Latin for 'give us peace.' The choral director stamped his feet, waved his arms and admonished, 'No, no, no!' We were too loud, too forceful. He instructed us, 'Do not insist or demand when you speak to God! You must REQUEST. You never insist!' I keep remembering this when I hear people talk about 'Cosmic Ordering'. If we're looking for a phrase to sum up 'asking the universe for help' perhaps it should contain the word 'request'.

Mercury to Jupiter Alignment

Your Weekend: This week's sharp alignment from Mercury to Jupiter brings challenge to the lives of GEMINIS and VIRGOS. For PISCEANS and SAGITTARIANS it suggests a source of agitation leading, potentially, to a great triumph. The New Moon, meanwhile, implies a chance for TAUREANS to set right all that now seems wrong.

SUNDAY April 23
Cosmic Ordering - Part 12

Your Week Ahead:

Recently, the papers were full of pictures of Noel Edmonds' hands, with strange little doodles drawn on them. Apparently, he has been practising a form of prayer (or positive thinking) called 'Cosmic Ordering'. We astrologers have another name for this. We call it 'Wishing On A Star'. You just have to be clear in your mind about what you hope the universe will help you get... and then make a humble, mental request. In my experience, it always works best if you pick an appropriate moment. There will, for example, be a New Moon later this week. If there's something you want to ask for... try making your wish on Thursday!


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