Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

April 24th to April 30th 2006

MONDAY April 24
New Moon comment

The New Moon always takes place in the same sign as the Sun. The Sun, though, spends about 30 days in each sign - while New Moons take place every 28 days. This means we occasionally see two New moons in a row in the same sign. This year, Virgo gets the 'double.' There will be one New Moon in this sign at the end of August... and another near the end of September. Meanwhile, this week, as we approach a single New Moon in Taurus, we can expect tension and apprehension... giving way to a sense of great relief.

TUESDAY April 25
Cosmic Ordering - Part 13

Hi Jonathan,
Some while ago, I asked the universe for something. I wrote down my request. I got what I wanted. Now, I don't know what to do with the piece of paper on which I placed my 'order' to the cosmos. Some books that I have read suggest that I should burn it. Is that really necessary? Regards, Julie

Dear Julie,
If you like collecting memorabilia, keep it. If you don't, just bung it in the bin. Or put it in the recycling box. Or use it to line the birdcage. It's only a piece of paper!

Dark Side of the Moon

It's the 'Dark of the Moon' once more. For the next few days the Moon will be in the same part of the zodiac as the sun so it won't be able to reflect any of its light. Dark nights make it easier for astronomers to see the dimmer and more distant objects that are usually 'drowned out' by the lunar glow. They also, traditionally, make it easier for mystics, psychics and visionaries to see a little further. Many clairvoyants and mediums say they get their most powerful insights around the time, each month, when the Moon is new.

Gareth's Lottery Win

Lottery winner Gareth Cooper has plenty to smile about today. Gareth scooped the UK National Lottery prize of 2.5million - and he was quick to say a big public thank-you to Jonathan, his favourite astrologer. Cancerian Gareth had been expecting something good coming his way following a series of positive predictions in his daily horoscope.

Gareth told the Daily Mail: "I've been following Jonathan for about 15 years. He is the most accurate astrologer around." In the week before his numbers came up, Jonathan had written: "A long overdue change for the better is happening in the only way it can!" A few days later Gareth read: "As Mars enters Cancer, your world is changing yet again. Here comes a strange but pleasing week." And on the day of the draw, Jonathan wrote: "The world had better watch out. You have... fortunes to make. Expect success!"

Gareth said: "Jonathan Cainer has come up with a string of uncanny predictions over the years which have proved very close to what happened in my own life - I trust him completely. On the day of the draw my horoscope was about people sitting up and taking notice of me and I began to think my luck was in."

Gareth's windfall was triggered after winning a 10 prize on the previous lottery. He bought some extra tickets and some scratchcards. One of the scratchcards gave a 1 prize which Gareth then used to buy his winning Lucky Dip ticket. With a Lucky Dip ticket the buyer does not choose the numbers. They are picked at random and the buyer just has to ask the universe to help. And the universe really helped this time. Gareth, 54, a former factory worker from Cwmbran, South Wales, is planning to buy a farm for himself and his wife Jenny and 17-year-old daughter Hannah.

Actually, I didn't specifically predict that Gareth from South Wales would win 2.4 million pounds. I just told him that he could expect his fortunes to change for the better, quickly! Still though, it's very kind of him to speak so nicely of me. Not all Cancerians can expect such a lottery win over the next few weeks but soon, one way or another, they will all have reason to feel uplifted and empowered. Nor are Cancerians the only people now being blessed by a benign sky. Today's New Moon creates an auspicious climate for anyone, of any sign, who sincerely wants to reach for positive change, wise insight... and profound inspiration.

FRIDAY April 28
Cosmic Ordering - 14

Next week Eric Francis will be writing your predictions between Monday and Friday. During my break, I intend to start writing a book about 'Cosmic Ordering'. Now that people all over the world are talking about this topic, I feel it's important to say all I know about how it works and how it should best be used. I'd also like to include some true stories. Have you ever consciously 'asked the universe' for something? How did you do it? And when? What result did you get? If you've got a tale to share please drop me a line. If you can remember any exact dates and times of asking and/or receiving, that would help the astrological side of my research all the more... though I am still keen to hear from you even if you can't recall such information.

Mars, Mercury and Venus comment

Your Weekend: Mars remains in CANCER this week, bringing power to all born under the sign of the crab. MERCURY, meanwhile, moves into TAURUS, allowing those born under the Bull to see life in a new light. VENUS, as it leaves PISCES for ARIES, implies romantic opportunity for Rams and allows those born under the fish to start swimming in a new direction.

SUNDAY April 30
Trine comment

Your Week Ahead:

A "Trine" is not just something that runs on an Australian railway line! To an astrologer, it's an angle of 120 degrees between two planets. We call it a 'Trine' because it 'TRIsects' (or spans one third) of the zodiac. Such alignments are considered very auspicious. You can't always, though, actually see them taking place. This week is special. It allows us to see both Mars (at its most visible on Tuesday evening near the moon) and Jupiter (much higher and brighter). The two planets are forming a trine will culminate next weekend. If you've got a sincere, heartfelt wish, now is a good time to tell the cosmos about it!


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