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May 1st to May 7th 2006

The May comment - Eric Francis, Guest Astrologer

Eric writes: It's my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to The May. Not so many centuries ago, this was a month-long celebration of life, love, passion, pleasure and abundance. In Celtic lore, the prosperity for the entire year to come was connected to this festival. Its mission was to invoke God and Goddess and fertilise the natural cycle of growth. The more passionate and celebratory The May, the more abundant the next four seasons would be. I suggest you name your own personal May Queen or May King in your life, and get the festivities going.

Moon comment - Eric Francis, Guest Astrologer

Eric writes: THERE are some days when the Moon makes a lot of aspects to planets, and other days when it makes not so many. Today 'Luna' is impressively busy, making aspects to Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, Chiron, Juno and Vesta. Here is the trick. Keep guiding yourself in a positive direction. Let nothing pull you into a negative path such as anger, resentment, or jealousy. Pretend it's a game. When you feel one of those emotions, choose to feel something else. After a while it will get easier - and the energy will build and take you somewhere new. This will happen no matter what, and is why we need to keep it loving.

Earth comment - Eric Francis, Guest Astrologer

Eric writes: The miracle of the world coming back to life after a long, dangerous winter was not lost on our predecessors. In the Old Religion (Gaelic, Celtic or Pagan, as you wish), the temple was not a building, but rather a space that was part of the Earth. If you ever thought Westminster Abbey or Notre Dame was old, imagine Avebury Henge, in Wiltshire. You can feel something of the age of the Earth in this spot, and the sheep grazing are a little reminder that the Earth is what sustains our lives. Male and female were honoured equally, which today would seem like a LOT more emphasis on the feminine principle than we've ever experienced. Today when we think of the Earth we tend to think in strange political and economic concepts like 'environmentalism'. But what about loving our planet and how she holds us up, gives us food to eat, water to drink, and air to breathe?

Horoscope synchronicity comment - Eric Francis, Guest Astrologer

Eric writes: Writing is creating a voice inside somebody's mind, rather intimate when you think of it. Add astrology and that voice can take on a distinctly personal tone, potentially spoken from a viewpoint of understanding, and even offering glimpses of the future. But a horoscope column is made of the writer's thoughts, not those of the reader. If you identify with something that's said here, it's a glorious kind of divine coincidence called a 'synchronicity'. It hints at the possibility of an intelligent cosmic order, which may just mean two minds thinking along the same basic wavelength at around the same time. Yet as far as I'm concerned, you're free to take or leave anything I say about you, or for that matter, anything else anyone says. If the stars vibrate with one message this week, it is: know what is true for yourself, and honour it.

Beltane Part 1 - Eric Francis, Guest Astrologer

Eric writes: Tomorrow, the Sun crosses the midpoint of Taurus, which is how the holiday Beltane is usually reckoned. When the Sun gets to this point, we are exactly between the Aries equinox and Cancer solstice. In a strange and, actually, effective way, the year is divided into eight half-seasons which track the solar journey - that is, of expression, individuality and the quest for outward growth. More than a balancing point, Beltane is like a leverage point where we begin to pick up momentum, where new growth takes root, and where we throw off the last sleepy, slow and dark traces of winter. Later today, I'll post the horoscopes for Beltane and for the Cancer solstice to the Astrology Secrets Revealed page and describe those charts in greater detail. They are interesting, and easy enough to understand.

Beltane Part 2- Eric Francis, Guest Astrologer

Your Weekend: If you ask me, this is Beltane weekend. The Sun is within one degree of the Taurus midpoint today, the Moon transits into Virgo (sign of the Goddess) a bit later today, and Venus is now working its way over something called the North Node of the Moon. Remembering the Goddess and her presence as the planet we live on is what this holiday is all about. But it's going to take more than the feminine principle to bring things back into balance. We need to ask ourselves what to do with all the aggression we see in the world and feel within ourselves. We need new ways to solve our problems, and we need to learn the words to express our basic feelings. It's actually not so difficult - we just need to want peace more than we want conflict, and most times, it really is a choice.

Jupiter, Mars and Uranus

Your Week Ahead:

Having trouble sleeping? Then read this: "The sum of the square of the two sides of a right-angled triangle is equal to the square of the length of the hypotenuse." There. Unless you're a mathematician, you're probably snoring already. Or perhaps you're back at school, remembering the first time you heard about Pythagoras's theorem. What they didn't tell you then, was that Pythagoras was a celibate, vegetarian visionary who led a cult, dedicated to the mystic meaning of numbers. Triangles, for him, contained 'divine messages'. For astrologers, they still do! This week, Jupiter, Mars and Uranus divide the zodiac into three perfect equilateral triangles. That's auspicious for anyone who now seeks a formula for success!


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