Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

July 31st to August 6th 2006

MONDAY July 31
Cherished children's book

Hi Jonathan,
When my mother was expecting my younger brother, she was given a box of children's books. One was called Miss Twiggley's Tree. I fell in love with it and read it to all my younger siblings. Decades later, when I was married with children of my own, I saw it in a second-hand book store. I immediately bought it for my son. When we got home, I found written inside the cover my brother's name and address. It wasn't just any old copy of this book, it was the very same one we had as children!

TUESDAY August 1
Sometimes Vegetarian experience

Sometimes I am a vegetarian... sometimes not. One morning, I was eating eggs and bacon and feeling a little guilty when everything went into slow motion. Without any conscious thought, I suddenly stood up and watched while a very heavy picture, mounted directly behind me, fell from the wall and landed right on my chair. The picture was a poster of... pigs!
Regards, Amanda

'Poltergeist'-type activities often seem to happen when people are upset, anxious or guilty. What I find fascinating is that you 'knew' to step out of the way. Instinct certainly saved your bacon that day!

Forecasts / Cosmic Ordering comment

'How?' some people want to know, 'can you write predictions about predestined events at preordained times... and then write a book about Cosmic Ordering, which involves getting whatever you want whenever you want it.' My forecasts, though, are NOT about inevitable developments. They are about passing challenges and chances that we can respond to as we choose. Nor, when we place a Cosmic Order, can we always expect to snap our fingers and get instant results. To me, there's absolutely no anomaly.

Ask the Universe email

Dear Jonathan,
I do healing and spiritual work. Someone recently emailed me. She wanted my help but could not afford to travel to see me . She didn't even have a phone to call from. I told her to ask the Universe for a way to change this. She emailed me back a few hours later, reporting that her boss had just advised her of an error in her pay. She was owed money. She then had her phone installed and spoke to me on it.

Cosmic Ordering doesn't always work this quickly but that's a great story!

FRIDAY August 4
Sunbed telepathy email

Dear Jonathan,
Years ago, before a holiday, I booked some sunbed sessions. While driving to a late afternoon appointment, my car suddenly developed a fault. I rearranged for 8.30am next day. That morning I woke up wondering if sunbeds were safe. I phoned to cancel. Later, I was informed that at 8.40am (just when I would have been under it) the canopy had snapped and crashed. Not only had I escaped this, but by making those appointments and cancelling I had prevented anyone else from being in my place.

PS No-one could find anything wrong with my car!

No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY August 6
Blue Moon comment

Your Week Ahead:

Every month the Sun enters a new sign. Every month, the Moon is new. A New Moon only happens when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign - so you might think, there can only be one in each sign, each year. 'Solar months', though, last longer than lunar months. Sometimes we get two New Moons in the same sign, one at the beginning of the sign and another, 28 days later, at the end of it. Because this is so rare, astrologers call these 'blue moons'. Later this month we get the first of two such blue moons. A magical wish-fulfilling phase is about to begin for us all.


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