Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

August 7th to August 13th 2006

MONDAY August 7
Perception of time email

Hi Jonathan,
I was packing my shopping in the supermarket. Suddenly I noticed it had gone totally silent, I turned round. NOTHING was moving. The world was in freeze-frame. I was shaken. Did my brain stop working? Did I enter the Twilight Zone?

Dear Avril, Movies are just snapshots, viewed quickly one after another. Our brains perceive time in a similar way. A series of 'nows' in a line. Sometimes, often for no apparent reason, we enter a sensitive psychic state and see the joins. It's actually a common experience - but few of us ever mention it.

TUESDAY August 8
Cosmic Order email

Dear Jonathan,
My daughter is a musician. Last week she played in a club and lost her bag with all her electronic equipment, including her video camera. She was very upset. I suggested she called the club to see if it was there. Her response was very negative. She felt sure there was no point. Finally she rang, but no one knew anything. Then I tried a 'cosmic order'. I asked the universe for help with all my heart. One hour later she got a call back from the club. Her bag was with the bartender.

Airport email

While making a phone call at an airport, I pulled a piece of paper out of my pocket and heard a sound. I looked down to see my credit card had fallen out. I thought it was odd that I had heard it fall, given that it is so light and there was so much noise. Minutes later, as I stood reading, a man walked by and I heard the same sound. It was like being in slow motion. In one movement, I bent down, swooped up the 20 note he had just dropped... and returned it to him.

THURSDAY August 10
Cosmic Order query email

Dear Jonathan,
My car overheated. As I am a mechanic, I knew I must let it cool before checking anything. While waiting, I noticed a couple who had locked themselves out of their car. They were very grateful when I opened it for them as they had a vital journey to make. By then, my vehicle had cooled, but I couldn't find anything wrong. Nor has it overheated since. Do you think those people 'cosmic ordered' me into their lives?

Dear Lee,
Perhaps. But if so, it only worked because the universe knew you had a helpful disposition!

FRIDAY August 11
Cosmic Order Flight upgrade

Hello Jonathan,
Last week I tried a little cosmic ordering. I asked the Universe if I could be upgraded on a flight to America. On checking in at Gatwick, I kindly asked the lady if there was an aisle seat. Moments later her phone rang. She said, 'You are in the right place at the right time.' Even though she had already printed a boarding pass, she tore it up and gave me a new one for a seat with more leg room plus a free copy of the Daily Mail to read. I gave the Universe a huge thank you.

SATURDAY August 12
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY August 13
Mercury and Venus comment

Your Week Ahead:

Are you sitting comfortably? This week's big astrological tale takes a bit of telling. It involves Mercury, the 'messenger of the gods'. Back at the start of July, it went 'retrograde' and many people found their lives getting complicated. Projects became subject to delay. Missives went astray. Information got lost. Negotiations got stuck. Two weeks ago, Mercury started heading forward again. Though this reduced the problem somewhat, it is only now back at the point it 'set off from' all those weeks ago. For anyone still waiting for inspiration, romance or financial opportunity, this week's glorious quasi-conjunction of Mercury and Venus should move things along nicely.


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