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August 14th to August 20th 2006

MONDAY August 14
Man in the snow email

Dear Jonathan,
The post, in our town, often goes astray. Last winter, I received a letter in error. When I looked at it I was surprised to see it was intended for someone I actually knew. I was going that way, so I decided to deliver it. When I got out of the car I noticed something moving in the driveway across the street. To my horror there was an old man lying in the snow. He had fallen and couldn't get up. He could have frozen to death if I hadn't been there to rescue him.
Regards, Bridget

TUESDAY August 15
Rare opposition between Saturn and Neptune

Dear Jonathan
I keep hearing that August 22, 2006 is an auspicious date; planets in alignment, predictions of doom! Can you enlighten me?

Dear Vanessa,
The next few weeks bring a rare opposition between Saturn and Neptune, both of which are currently at right angles to Jupiter. This 'T-square' will be 'triggered' next Tuesday by Mercury's conjunction to Saturn. Further potent, potentially historic events occur in the following three weeks. But an astrological alignment is either auspicious or it is a herald of bad news. It can't be both. I am strongly inclined to see it as the former.

Is Pluto a planet comment

For some while a debate has been raging among scientists about the new discovery, Xena. Is it a planet? Is it an asteroid? Some people have been seriously suggesting it is not a planet - and neither is Pluto, even though it has been treated as such for over 75 years. Top astronomers are now meeting to decide this thorny question. It looks as if they are about to confirm that Pluto is a planet and that they will also confer full planetary status on Xena. Surprisingly they also look set to give planetary status to Ceres, the large body discovered in 1801, plus Charon, Pluto's "moon". This is amazing. It implies many things including an imminent breakthrough in the technology of nuclear fusion. I will explain more tomorrow.

THURSDAY August 17
New planets comment

New planets are a bit like buses. You wait your whole professional life to be in on the discovery of one... then three come along at once. Fittingly, as it is August, we are about to hear an announcement from an august body of international astronomers. They intend to tell us that Pluto's 'moon', Charon, is actually Pluto's twin planet and that the asteroid, Ceres, is also a planet. The reason for this rethink is the new discovery, 2003 UB313, otherwise known as Xena! Her first consequence, upon being officially accepted, is to overturn the established order of astronomy and astrology. Not bad for an opening gambit!

FRIDAY August 18
Ceres, Charon and Xena comment

Imagine you are a doctor. You have several techniques with which to measure the body rhythms of your patients including pulse, blood pressure, heartbeat etc. One day, you get a letter from the world's most eminent medical experts advising you of another three important signs to monitor. That's roughly what's going on in my world now. Astronomers may not respect astrologers, but astrologers hold astronomers in very high regard. If they say Ceres, Charon and Xena matter, they matter. Those of us who aren't already working with these celestial bodies will immediately start learning how to interpret their alignments!

SATURDAY August 19
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY August 20
Intuition email

Your Week Ahead:

Lately, I have been printing stories from readers whose intuition has been good to them. Here's one from Sasha who says;
Dear Jonathan,
I was sitting at some traffic lights where there's a lovely view. Normally, I watch this while waiting for them to change. This day though, I kept staring down the road to my right, almost in a kind of trance. The driver behind beeped his horn. The lights had turned green. As I slowly got in gear, a fast car suddenly raced through the crossroads, from the right. If I had been 'alert' and responded more quickly, either I, or the car behind me, would have been hit.


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