Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 6th to February 12th 2006

MONDAY February 6
How did that happen? email

Hello Jonathan,
I was recently pondering a tricky situation. In my mind I asked you a question about it, although I knew you must have already written that day's forecasts. When I turned to my prediction, you HAD answered my question. How did that happen?

Dear Deborah,
I wrote my first daily forecasts, 20 years ago this month. I still, though, can't really explain how they work. Sometimes, when I look at where the planets are and let my mind go blank... the forecasts write themselves. It's usually when this happens that I get a letter like yours.

TUESDAY February 7
Moon colour email

Dear Jonathan,
Why is the moon sometimes white and sometimes yellow?
Best wishes,

Dear Dee,
There are exceptions to every rule - but, generally, the Moon and the Sun look more lemony when they are near the horizon. The Earth's atmosphere creates this effect. It is not usually so powerful when those heavenly lights rise higher in the sky. The Moon's “true colour” is grey or silver if you want to be poetic which, personally, I always do! This year's magical season of lunar standstills though, should bring us many lower, more golden moons.

WEDNESDAY February 8
Trust life email

Dear Jonathan,
In my forecast recently, you said I should trust and not be afraid. How though, do you trust life when it deals some horrible blows? What if your son goes to a war zone, or a child goes missing, or people get sick?

Dear Rachel,
I don't think any of us really know how to trust... we just have to try - and when our circumstances get scary, we have to try even harder. When we lose trust, we lose everything. Once we find it again, it's amazing what then finds its way to us.

THURSDAY February 9
Neptune and Jupiter comment

Neptune was first discovered in 1846, just as Karl Marx was writing The Communist Manifesto. Astrologers ever since have associated Neptune with extreme, idealistic beliefs that provoke passion and conflict. Jupiter, meanwhile, rules 'freedom of expression'. Since January, Jupiter and Neptune have been aligned in an antagonistic right angle. This continues till April, loses strength for a while and repeats in late September. Though it happens every few years, it's not always so prolonged... nor are both planets always in 'fixed' (or stubborn) signs. This may be why we are now seeing intense clashes of culture across the world.

FRIDAY February 10
'UB313' Zena comment

Last year, scientists found a new object at the edge of our solar system. They gave it a jokey nickname and were reluctant to label it a planet. Now, they think that 'UB313' is bigger than Pluto... and everyone still calls it Xena. How important is this new astrological influence? We will soon be able to see for ourselves. Outside western society, billions of women today have no more rights than they did 1,000 years ago. If our sky really does have a new 'goddess' and she IS a warrior princess, that won't be the case for much longer!

SATURDAY February 11
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY February 12
Forecasts for Valentine Day / Week comment

Your Week Ahead:

Some people are happily single. They really don't want a life partner or even a 'love interest' and they resent the implication that, if they haven't got one, there must be something wrong with them. Others are in stable, committed, long-term relationships which contain little by way of classic "romance". This, though, happens to perfectly suit both people. Then, there are the folk who don't get on especially well with their partners... yet who have good reasons for trying to "weather the storm" for a while. All these people get a bit of a raw deal at this time of year. It's not just the shops that are full of cards, hearts and flowers... the horoscope columns too, can be insensitively twee. In all my forecasts this week, I have tried to be conscious of this... and to emphasise the kind of love life that we can all attain and enjoy. The kind that comes to us when we make a conscious decision to start "loving life"!


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