Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 13th to February 19th 2006

MONDAY February 13
The Moon and Valentine's Day comment

Full Moons don't just make the tides rise higher. They exert a profound pull on our inner ocean of emotion. Though the Moon is now starting to wane, it will still be pretty big and round tomorrow. That's unusual. Valentine's Day doesn't normally coincide with a Full Moon, any more than New Year's Day coincides with a New Moon. This year, though, the cosmos is conveniently co-operating with the calendar. Just as many resolutions, made under the New Moon of December 31 are still gathering strength... many promises made tonight - or tomorrow - will stand the test of time.

TUESDAY February 14
Relationships comment

There's no such thing as a match made in heaven. Anyone, of any sign, can get along with anyone else if they really want to. Some relationships are easy to start. Over time, though, the novelty can wear off. Others begin with conflict but grow into mutual appreciation. Some wonderful marriages are like sparring partnerships while some couples who seem ideally suited can secretly loathe each other! The question is never, 'Who am I supposed to be with?' It's 'Who do I want, who wants me... and how hard are we both willing to work at it?'

WEDNESDAY February 15
Pisceans email query

Dear Jonathan,
You say this is due to be a good year for Pisceans... so why do other astrologers say otherwise?

Dear Thea,
Neptune and Jupiter form a tense angle for much of 2006. This does, indeed, imply inner conflict but we are talking here, about a sign that is symbolised by two fish, swimming in opposite directions! Pisceans thrive on dilemmas and dichotomies. They eat contradictions for breakfast... and follow them up with paradoxes for lunch. I still maintain that this year, their challenges will lead them directly to the most productive opportunities of their lives.

THURSDAY February 16
Iraq War comment

I try not to have opinions. Astrologers can't make accurate predictions unless they are open-minded. I am, though, only human. Every so often, I just feel that something is terribly wrong and I can't ignore this. That's why, in 2003, I joined the millions who were marching against the invasion of Iraq. Our protests were ignored. 'We have to act,' we were told, 'to stop a regime that keeps weapons of mass destruction and has a terrible reputation for cruelty towards innocent prisoners.' Does that mean, then, that we now need to invade ourselves

FRIDAY February 17
Planets visibility comment

Each night this weekend, you can see Mercury in Pisces low on the horizon, shortly after sunset. Venus, meanwhile, is shining brightly in Capricorn just before dawn. You may wonder why, if these planets are in nearby zodiac signs, they are visible 12 hours apart? It's because they are on 'different sides' of the Sun. Mercury follows the Sun down each evening. Venus blazes the trail for it every morning. While you're watching the sky, look out for Mars and Saturn during the evenings - and, if you're up late, wave to Jupiter, rising in the south east around 2am UK time.

SATURDAY February 18
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY February 19
Time of Birth email

Your Week Ahead:

Dear Jonathan,
My friend would like to have his horoscope drawn up, but his head came into this world three hours before the rest of his body! His mother says his arm was above his head and the medical team wanted to avoid breaking it. What moment should he give for his time of birth?

Dear Annmarie,
I like to work with the moment of 'first independent breath' so I would encourage him to try to find out roughly when this occurred. I know some other astrologers might argue that this is a case for using a 'conception chart' rather than a birth chart... but I have never been able to comprehend my colleagues' enthusiasm for this idea. How on earth do they seriously propose to measure and verify this moment? In my view, a first breath is a first breath, regardless of whether the delivery was easy, difficult, early, late, induced, spontaneous, by operation or via the stork!


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