Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

February 20th to February 26th 2006

MONDAY February 20
Astrologers v. Astronomers constellations comment

A pint, in Britain or Australia, contains 20 fluid ounces. In America, it is four ounces smaller. There's a similar point of confusion in astronomy. The zodiac signs that astrologers work with are not the same as the constellations. They are more precisely measured and only partially overlap the traditional star groups. This weekend, Mars moved from Taurus into Gemini. It's not so obvious in the sky but it's easy to see if you do a little 'people watching'. Across the world, attitudes are becoming more flexible as the power planet enters a more malleable sector of the zodiac.

TUESDAY February 21
Bird Flu email

Dear Jonathan,
Will the bird flu virus reach Britain? Will it mutate from human to human? If so, will health organisations be able to contain its' spread? Or will there be a catastrophic pandemic?

Dear Sharon,
Last October, I wrote: 'Bird Flu is not going to be a problem on anywhere near the scale that some folk fear. Nor, though, is it an entirely false alarm.' I still stand by that prediction so the answers to your questions (in order) must be: 1. Yes; 2. I doubt it; 3. Yes; and 4. No!

WEDNESDAY February 22
Disaster area email

My friend works with top scientists. She says they secretly believe it is too late to undo the damage we have done to our planet and that within 50 years, the whole world will be a disaster area.

Dear Abigail,
Fifty years ago, most scientists believed a population explosion would make life impossible by the millennium. The rest expected nuclear war to wipe us all out. They were all wrong. Our current environmental challenges are real but we will wake up in (just) enough time to meet them. We may never though, find a cure for scientific pessimism!

THURSDAY February 23
Success email

Dear Jonathan,
Last week, in my forecast, you said, 'Success is down to determination and faith'. I take great exception to this. I have always had plenty of both - yet I have so far failed to become rich, famous, gorgeous or thin.

Dear Ruth,
True success is never measured by wealth, weight or fame. It's simply a feeling you get when you're proud of how you are living your life. As for “gorgeousness” ... well that's highly subjective. Nobody on this earth has the right to say you're not gorgeous, just the way you are... least of all yourself!

FRIDAY February 24
Scorpio Pluto email

Dear Jonathan,
What happens to Scorpios if they find that Pluto is not a planet?

We now know that “Xena” (proper name UB313) is bigger than Pluto. Even so, some astronomers refuse to call it a planet. Instead, they say, 'Pluto should never have been a planet. It is too small.' These “experts” are now meeting in secret to decide whether to rewrite history. If they do, they will simply spark a long debate that rambles on for years before they finally have to back down. Meanwhile, for Scorpios (governed, in part, by Pluto) there'll be no change.

SATURDAY February 25
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY February 26
Mercury and Jupiter comment

Your Week Ahead:

This week, I'd like to talk to you about next week! A couple of powerful changes are coming up. If you understand how the climate is likely to alter, you can make the most of how things currently are. Mercury, the communication planet, is about to go through one - a 'reverse' phase. This happens for two or three weeks at a time, two or three times a year. When it does, letters often go astray, transportation arrangements get delayed, negotiations develop difficulties and misunderstandings occur. If you've got something you want to say, settle or sort out... do it now while the cosmic coast is clear. Jupiter also 'changes direction' next week and continues to move apparently backwards till July. Jupiter governs grand plans, great adventures and high aspirations. If you are nurturing a special hope, make at least some small, symbolic gesture of commitment to this now, while you still feel quite clear about what you want to achieve.


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