Jonathan Cainer Zodiac Forecasts

January 9th to January 15th 2006

MONDAY January 9
Liberal-Democrat leadership comment

I don't wear sandals but I do have a beard and, back in the days when I had political beliefs, I liked the Liberals. I have since learned though, that opinions are the enemy of objectivity. When astrologers have preferences, their predictions are prejudiced. As there is a slight risk that past affinities could still be colouring my judgement, I shall refrain today from naming the replacement for Britain's Liberal-Democrat leader Charles Kennedy. I shall simply inform you that Mark Oaten is a Piscean, Simon Hughes is a Taurean, Susan Kramer is a Cancerian and the chap with the unpronounceable name is a Gemini.
Explanatory note;
The 'Liberals' are the third largest party in the British Parliament. Their leader has just resigned after coming clean about his problems with alcohol addiction. To stop them winning too many votes, the UK's two larger political parties tradtionally perpetuate the myth that male Liberal party supporters all sport beards and wear sandals. And if you're wondering for how long your astrologer has had a beard, the answer is 'a while', though he has only just gotten round to changing his photograph. If you're still seeing a beardless picture on this page, try fiddling with the settings on your browser to make it 'refresh your cache'. Or, if that sounds far too technical, get out a felt tip pen and draw some little whiskers onto the computer screen around my face!

TUESDAY January 10
Yearly Sunsign Overview

It's almost ready! This time tomorrow, when you visit this site, you will be able to read an 'overview' for each sunsign for 2006. Then soon after that, I'll have your love forecast ready too and then I'll add an in depth look at your best financial opportunities in 2006.

All these predictions are edited transcripts of the much longer in-depth spoken forecasts that I give via our audio service. If you don't want to wait till they have been typed up, you can hear your prediction right now, without cost. The audio service now has a new name (it's called the FIVE STAR SERVICE for reasons that will soon become obvious) but the free trial remains on offer.

WEDNESDAY January 11
The 2006 Year Ahead series - Part One

The 2006 Year Ahead series - Part One
Have you noticed how high the Moon has been at times lately? Have you also noticed how it has recently clung to the treetops for ages? Soon, it is going to reach even more impressive extremes of elevation.

Lunar standstills are, to the Moon, what Solstices are to the Sun. They are moments when a powerful light in the sky reaches the most extreme point in its relationship to the horizon... hovers briefly... and then begins retracing its steps.

The Sun does this twice a year. Though it always rises in the East and sets in the West, it doesn't pop up at exactly the same point each morning. It slowly creeps along the horizon, heading a tiny bit further south or north each day. At one of its solstices, it rises as far in the South-East as it can ever get... and at the other, in reaches its North-West limit. The Moon's turning point involves height rather than width or, to be more technical, latitude rather than longtitude.

Once every eighteen and a half years, it hugs the hills and then soars like a kite. In doing so, it creates a compelling optical illusion.

Objects that lie close to the horizon always appear bigger and nearer, partly because the atmosphere appears to magnify them and partly because our sense of distance is deceived. Objects that are higher look smaller and further away. So we see, over the course of a few short months, Moons that are increasingly cold and remote followed by Moons so close that it seems as if we could reach out and touch them.

THURSDAY January 12
Forecasts written by Jonathan comment

As a child, I eagerly devoured the works of Enid Blyton. I was later shocked by the allegation that she didn't write them all herself. I still don't know if it is true. Nobody else has ever stepped forward to claim authorship. I do know though, that some astrologers employ anonymous ghost writers. For the record, I don't! Every prediction on this website (unless it ever clearly says otherwise) is straight from me to you. That includes your forecast for 2006.

FRIDAY January 13
New year resolution comment

Your diary will tell you that the Full Moon is tomorrow. The Moon, though, is at its most powerful tonight. This has a direct impact on your new year resolution. By making it under the first new moon of a new year, you inadvertently 'captured' the lunar energy in the horoscope of that promise. As the moon waxes and wanes through 2006, so too will your determination. But it will all get easier in time. Meanwhile, stick at it and don't worry about the fact that it's Friday 13th. Despite the date, nothing HAS to go wrong.

SATURDAY January 14
Full Moon comment

Weekend Forecast: This weekend's Full Moon will bring drama and excitement. We're all about to see why 2006 really is going to be a very different kind of year. If you've got a dream or an aspiration, keep nurturing it. You'll be amazed by what eventually becomes possible. Even if you're now finding it hard to stick to the resolution you made just a couple of weeks ago, don't give up.

SUNDAY January 15
Lunar Standstills comment

Your Week Ahead
The Full Moon, this weekend, is surprisingly high in the sky. Last Summer, it clung exceptionally close to the horizon, almost skimming the treetops. In a few months, it will be lower still for we are now in the season of 'Lunar Standstills.' These only take place every 18 and a half years or so. They bring us high Winter Moons, Low Summer Moons and intense tidal activity, all year round. To the ancients, these Lunar Standstills had enormous significance. They 'woke hidden dragons' that slumbered below the land, causing fresh energy to pulsate through the straight, secret pathways that connect our stone circles and prehistoric burial sites. These days, we call those pathways 'ley lines'. They will make their presence felt more clearly this year, causing the earth to be more fruitful and the people who live on it to feel more optimistic about their future.


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