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January 16th to January 22nd 2006

MONDAY January 16
Lunar Standstill - emotional elation comment

Most astrological alignments take place on a particular date at a particular time. Even when they repeat themselves, the events they trigger can be pinpointed to a few days either side of each event. This year's Lunar Standstill, though, is more like a magical mist that will descend gradually and then thicken to the point when we are all lost in a fog of emotional elation. We could remain wrapped in it for months before the effect wears off as subtly as it came on. To some extent, we are already under its spell. This will deepen dramatically through 2006.

TUESDAY January 17
New Year's Eve text messages email

Dear Jonathan,
I'd like to add to your collection of strange tales about New Year's Eve. That night, I sent out many text messages. One got two identical replies... at 6.12am and 6.14am. A day later, I got a different reply from the same person claiming that he had only just received my text.

Dear Claire,
At New Year, many of us do things we don't recall, especially when it gets to 6am! Maybe that explains it all in this case... and maybe not. I still predict that 2006 will be a year full of inexplicable experiences.

WEDNESDAY January 18
Shaky start to 2006 email

Hi Jonathan,
I've had a shaky start to 2006. I have crashed my car, and my boyfriend has unexpectedly broken off with me. I know others who have had a tough time, too. I thought you were predicting a great year. Yours,

Dear Dee,
What if there were something wrong with your car, which, if that small accident hadn't happened, could have led to a bigger one? What if that relationship were an 'emotional time-bomb' that you are lucky to be free from? Sometimes, bad things happen for good reasons. It still is due to be a great year.

THURSDAY January 19
Ley Lines and Agroglyphs (crop circles) email

Dear Jonathan,
Many people see a link between Ley Lines and Agroglyphs (crop circles). Do you think this year's Lunar Standstills will bring a resurgence of this phenomena?

Dear John,
I was wondering how long it would be before someone asked. During the last season of Standstills in 1988/9, 417 crop circles were reported in Britain. The famous hoaxers, Doug and Dave, can't have made them all; far less the ones in Australia, Canada, the USA and even India. Regardless of what they really are, I do predict they are on their way back!

FRIDAY January 20
Cancerian Lunar Standstill email

Hi Jonathan,
I am a Cancerian. My daughter is an Aries, born in 1988. She has always listened to my advice - until recently. I now realise she was born during the last Lunar Standstill. Do you think the repeat of this rare phenomenon could explain the arguments we are having.

Dear Kate,
It may be a part of the explanation, but every parent/child relationship, no matter how good, has to go through a difficult rite of passage when the child starts to assert their own independence. Take it in your stride and it won't last too long.

SATURDAY January 21
No Thought for the Day

SUNDAY January 22
Aquarians comment

Your Week Ahead

I grew up with two younger brothers who are twins, born under Aquarius. Then, fourteen years ago this week, I became the proud father of a pair of twins who are also Aquarians! From this, you might conclude that I now know quite a bit about what people born under this sign have in common. Aquarians though, dislike the idea that they might be like other Aquarians. They work hard, from an early age, to deliberately develop unique, eccentric character traits and if they are twins, they work twice as hard! After years of close study though, I have noticed that despite their best efforts to prove that they don't fit any astrological mould, they still tend to face similar challenges at similar times. The details of their dramas may be different but the principles are often much the same.


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